Monday, October 26, 2015

Brewristas, Glebe

Opened during the summer of 2015, Brewristas took advantage of the cafe seeking foodies who were itching for a place to brunch when nearly all the food establishments were closed for the Xmas break. I recall a few days when nearly my entire IG feed was flooded with pix of the coffee and food at this Glebe hotspot. Thanks to the recent extreme milkshake craze, the hype hasn't slowed down at all.

Frankenstein - smashed avo, home made tomato chutney, tortilla corn chips, sunny side up ($20.00)

The "Frankenstein" was literally a monster to our eyes. Despite its messy appearance, CC and I were admiring the avocado, tortilla chips and that nice round sunny side up. Stacked together on top of sourdough toast, this dish was unsurprisingly a huge mouthful to handle. Recommended to share between two people. While it is a dish for 1, it is possible to share between two or three people.

Porky Pig - honey jam Korean pancake, poached egg, bacon, spicy guacamole, mango habanero mayo ($16.00)

The funky names continue with the classic "Porky Pig". While it looked lighter than the previous dish, the honey jam Korean pancakes made it equally filling. While it had a kick with the mango habanero mayo and the spicy  mayo, it wasn't too spicy that it will blow your tongue off. With so much different ingredient combinations in this dish, you can sense so many different flavours with every single bite. 

Game Set Matcha

Like most of the extreme shakes at other cafes around Sydney, these bad boys are off the menu, though the waiter is more than happy to bring them up when you order. CC opted for the Game Set Matcha, which was creamy, not too sweet and easy to slurp down compared to what I've got. We also couldn't resist the adorable matcha button placed on top of the shake. 

The Clutch

I love my chocolate, so taking down a rich choc shake with thick swirls of nutella and stacked with a brownie slice and whipped cream wasn't a huge problem for me. It was a decadent drink that wasn't easy to finish especially if you aren't used to rich desserts. Couldn't help but giggle at the (angry looking) Freddos and Tiny Teddies stuck onto the nutella.

Mint Chocolate Chip Shake

Not long after that visit, I was invited to an Instafoodie dessert event where we sampled a wide range desserts and shakes, thanks to Jason the shake-master (aka @insatiablyhungry on IG). Got my hands on the Mint Choc Chip shake, which was packed with an upside down mint choc chip ice cream cone. This wasn't as rich as the Clutch but it was messier to handle with all that cream dripping everywhere on the mason jar.

White Chocolate, Fairyfloss and Rosewater Shake

Didn't get to taste this shake but it looks too pretty to drink especially with all that pink.

Tiramisu Pot Plant (deluxe sized version)

At first you may think it's a plant but one scoop and it has gotten a whole lot sweeter! While it has its creamy texture, it was also light and fluffy from the lady fingers cake. This was also matched perfectly with the crumbled oreo chocolate "dirt".


If the shakes aren't bringing you to the yard anytime soon, don't fret, Brewristas does a good job with their house made coffee brew. They are also well known for their cold coffee beverages including their cold brew (with 6 espresso shots!), brewmonade and brew tea. This should be sweet for the warm weather creeping on us. Service has been very friendly so far during all of my visits and the food is certainly not your usual cafe fare. They also open late, which is perfect if you want to check out a cafe after work. Nothing suss.  

73 Glebe Point Road, Glebe NSW 2037
(02) 8021 1328
Mon-Thurs: 8:00am - 4:00pm
Fri: 8:00am - 10:30pm
Sat: 9:00am - 10:30pm
Sun: 9:00am - 5;00pm
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