Thursday, December 15, 2011

Won Kee Chinese & Thai Restaurant, Cabramatta

Sunday night is usually date night for nearly the last couple of month. On this occasion, we've decided to try this restaurant as it is a family favourite for him. It's one of those places that I often walk past whenever I'm in Cabramatta but I don't really notice.

This place reminded me of the many Asian food court joints back in my uni days throughout Market City and the hidden food courts around Haymarket. Those were the days! The menu, delivered like a photo album, was reminiscent of the old favourite dishes from the Chinese take out places as well as several Thai dishes and surprisingly some Viet food too including Pho! Once again we had a hard time choosing the dishes but settled on sizzling beef, fried rice and the special dish of the night consisting of baked chilli soft shell crab.

Fried rice

Initially we wanted a side of white rice but the waiter persuaded us that the fried rice is heaps better. He was right. It was different from other fried rice I usually had. We are guessing it may be a Thai inspired fried rice rather than the traditional Chinese version as it has so much flavour and a bit of spices.

Sizzling beef in black bean sauce

Both the sizzling beef and pork at Won Kee are a local favourite. It has even been listed as one of the dishes to try at Crave Festival a few months ago which was noted upon entering the restaurant. This was delivered mixed with shallots and tangy black bean sauce and in a sizzling hot plate as we stir the beef around, allowing it to cook. The beef was chewy but very delicious to try.

Soft shell crab with chilli

Initially we went for the prawn version of this dish which was on the regular menu. Then I saw this dish on special and went for that immediately. I thought it looked a bit more deep friend than baked. I am unsure about the actual name and trying to find the menu on the net didn't help either - will get back to you on the actual name. Other than that, the dish was quite scrumptious with the batter and crab mixed with the spices from the chopped chilli.

An old local Cabramatta favourite, this place has that simple charm that you may not get from the newer restaurants. It is family friendly, suitable for larger groups and the prices are pretty decent for most of the wide range of dishes.

Won Kee Chinese and Thai Restaurant
19 Arthur St, Cabramatta
Contact no: (02) 9728 6718

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