Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pho Tau Bay, Cabramatta

From all the years going to Cabramatta weekly for shopping and eating, my family and I never really got the chance to check out Pho Tau Bay which is getting heaps of praise as being the Best Pho restaurant in Sydney by bloggers, Cabramatta locals and even the media. But is it?

On a rainy Saturday afternoon, my mates and I were in Cabramatta and were wondering what's good to eat. Since I have never really checked out Pho Tau Bay before but have heard so much about it, I thought it was a good time to give it a go. Having said that, I have walked past several times but it usually wasn't packed (sometimes it was even empty which usually turns the folks off). That Saturday was a different story for us. Luckily we managed to get a table. The restaurant design looked like your typical, not-so-fancy, back-to-basics kind of setting which makes you feel like you're at home.

Beef Noodle Soup (Pho Tai)

I really liked the broth here as it did have a very warm yet nice and pretty light flavour. The beef especially was wonderfully tender which is a plus for me. Seriously if it was overcooked, it would be pretty tough to eat and I did have a few like that in several restaurants. My friend who ordered the same dish did not agree to the idea that it was the Best Pho in Sydney as she had tried a better version Flemington with a more flavoursome broth. I still thought that it is one of the better versions of pho that I have tried as I have managed to polish off the entire bowl.

Egg noodle soup with chicken

Another friend tried this one which did look very nice. I did not try it though as I was already getting full from the beef noodle soup. She seemed to enjoy this dish though.

While I can say that it was one of the better places that serves Pho, I am however unsure on whether to consider it to be the best Pho in Sydney - maybe the best in Cabramatta? Of course that is just my two cents so far. There are still a few other places that I would also consider as potential contenders for the title of Best Pho in Sydney but Pho Tau Bay will still be up there in the top 5 Pho restautants in my opinion for the tender beef and the hot broth at least. Plus they sometimes serve their dishes with those crunchy, deep friend, savoury donuts - guilty pleasures.

Pho Tau Bay
12/117 John Street, Cabramatta 2166 (NB: enter on Hill Street)
Contact no: (02) 9726 4583

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  1. Dear Annie,

    Personally, I still think Pho An is arguably the best pho in Sydney :)