Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spanish Terrazas, Sydney CBD

Garden salad

A friend from high school is having her hen's night at this restaurant in the heart of the Spanish Quarter. I have been here about a couple of times or more previously and have raved on how awesome the paella really is. Seriously in my opinion, this place has the best paella in Sydney! However we all got a set menu of tapas so there will be no paella action tonight. I remember trying a couple of these dishes a while before, and they were pretty good as well so hopefully this time, it's still just as good.

Complimentary bread

I am guessing because this was booked in advance, the food was delivered very quickly. In fact, every single tapas dish came out all at once. It was pretty overwhelming trying to decide which dish to have first. We were also given a side of bread roll, green salad and 2 jugs of sangria.

Garlic mushrooms

I really enjoyed the garlicky taste that the mushrooms offer. It did have a slight spicy kick which is not overbearing for the chilli-noob.

Can't remember the name of this dish...maybe Russian salad or potato salad?

First time trying this dish. Was ok to try but nothing significant compared to the other dishes.

Potatoes aioli

This was heavily covered with a special creamy aioli sauce. Several people on my end of the table said that it tasted a bit cheesy too but I could not detect this. The potatoes were fairly crispy to our liking and is one of the stand out dishes.

Fried Calamari

While it looked like your usual fried calimari from the local shops, it was still very crispy and crunchy throughout our meal - even when we were all too full to finish it off. Best eaten with a dose of lemon.

Garlic Prawns

This was possibly the favourite tapas dish of the night. I remember veryone was raving about this all night. It was presented to us sizzling hot in garlic oil and parsley in a terra cotta dish. Made good use of the bread to clean up the plate. Yummm!

BBQ Spanish Chorizo

When there's Spanish tapas, there's gotta be chorizos. Another dish I enjoyed mainly for the chargilled texture and its tangy flavour.

Albondigas (Meatballs)

Again made good use of the bread for the thick sauce. By this point, everyone was stuffed and struggling to try and polish everything off. But OMG, the meat is seriously juicy that I ignored how full I was getting and tried to stomach as much as I can from this dish. It was deliciously good stuff.

The other end of the table also got a platter with olives, artichokes and the like, I did not manage to get the name for this and cannot find a simlarily matched combo plate on the website. But it did look very delicious.

While we were eating, there was a Spanish band playing some nice tunes. Several diners got up and go crazy on the dance floor. Even a couple of staff members joined in for the fun! Meanwhile, we were finishing up our sangria and getting tequila shots for the bride to be. A night of fun, entertainment and so much food. While the prices are more expensive compared to the other Spanish restaurants in the area, some of the food they deliver here are pretty brilliant in quality and taste. I still wish we had the chance to try the paella though as they did a really good job with the crust in the past...even though if it's very pricey compared to other restaurants.


Spanish Terrazas
541 Kent Street Sydney NSW 2000
Contact no: (02) 9283 3046

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  1. OMG YUMMMM!! Seriously Spanish food is the best! A bit pricey but still who can possibly pass up all the tapas <3 Encasa is also a very popular and DELICIOUS restaurant in the city, which you might enjoy :) But it's pretty much always packed, so you might have to book ahead!

    Love from the NaNa girls xoxo

  2. i would eat the Potatoes aioli non stop! My fave :)

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