Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Malay Chinese Takeaway, Sydney CBD

Despite what we all believe, you can actually still find cheap eats in the heart of the Sydney CBD when you are in need of a decent meal for your lunch break. One of the most popular, tastiest and cheapest places to eat in the Sydney is Malay Chinese Takeaway - often declared by foodies and laksa fans everywhere as having the best laksa in Sydney. I'm not much of a laksa expert but at the time it was a cold day and this eatery is quite close to work so why not?

Malay Chinese Takeaway is located on Hunter Street (next door to Frankie's Pizza) where crowds of corporate workers rush in for their quick feed in the peak hour of the weekday lunch. If you go at any other time of the weekday (before 12pm and after about 2pm) or all day on Saturday then it should be much more quiet. Thankfully, the queue moves quickly and after making your order, the service is incredibly fast too. In a mere few minutes after ordering, a full bowl of laksa is already on your hands. The trouble is actually finding a free seat. So far I've been lucky...

There is a decent range of choices from the menu including the curries, Char Kway Teow and Hainan Chicken. There is also daily specials including Har Mee, Combination Clear Soup and Assam Laksa. But of course, everyone comes here for their famous laksas which are listed on the blackboard menu as you enter inside the restaurant. 

I ended up going with the chicken laksa which is packed with bundles of tender chicken pieces and tofu is so soft and juicy that it bursts a mouthful of laksa broth in your mouth as you chew it. The colourful, thick, rich and creamy broth was quite spicy but not to the point that it becomes unbearable for those who cannot stand the stuff. The serving was extremely generous that I struggled to finish the whole bowl. Definitely not the best option for anyone on a diet as it is oily and it will keep you full and bloated for the rest of the day (farewell weight loss!). Best laksa in Sydney? To be honest, I don't eat laksa very often, but I enjoyed it and it tastes amazing so I guess that's what matters the most. 

Chicken Laksa ($8.70)

I made another visit recently to try the beef laksa. It is pretty much the same as the chicken laksa except with chunky pieces of beef. Bit tough for my liking but otherwise the laksa broth and the vermicelli noodles were still delicious.

Beef laksa ($8.70)

Malay Chinese Takeaway is perfect for anyone who is craving for a well-fed meal on a budget with prices for most of the dishes being less than $10. Not to mention that all dishes at this eatery cost no more than $12. Will be making more visits to try the other laksa flavours as well as some of their specials including the Har Mee. I heard that they do a killer job in that dish.

Malay Chinese Takeaway
58 Hunter Street, Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9231 6788
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  1. Another laksa place I'll need to visit. Yes!

  2. love the laksa here. authentic and no fuss!

  3. Wow great prices and the food looks incredible! Wish I had joints like this closer to me - you lucky thing!!

  4. nothing over $12! AMAZING!!
    I have yet to try this place!! Need to also pencil this in haha!

    - Cassie

  5. Definitely one of the best laksa places around!

  6. I loveeeeee the laksa. Their char kwe tiao is good too!