Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Love on Top, Potts Point

I could go on about what I think about the new lockout laws but that's for another Facebook post or Twitter status. So it was intriguing when I received an invite for a bar located incredibly close to all the crazy nightclubs in the same block where so many restaurants have closed down over the last couple of years. Even the neighbouring business Buns and Balls has relocated out of the Cross because of the new lock out laws with plans to reopen in Bondi.

The name 'Love on Top' seems to refer to its location being one level above the street level so it is quite hidden if you just walk past the area (don't ask me about love btw :p). Love on Top operates as an Asian fusion dumpling bar owned by the same team as Name This Bar at Darlinghurst with former China Doll's Kenny Kong as the head chef of the joint. This is interesting considering that the popular Harajuku Gyoza is only a few blocks away on the same street. The majority (if not all) of the food are actually gluten free which should be perfect for anyone who is on a gluten-free diet.

Yup that's Chef Kenny!

In regards to decor, there seems to be a bit of floral, grassy action happening with flowers and plants scattered around the small bar. There is also a layer of (fake?) grass in the outdoor courtyard near the entrance which is good in case you accidentally drop a glass or two.

Since it's a bar, it's no surprise that there were quite a few drinks flowing throughout the night. In fact I was offered more drinks than food in the duration of this event lol.

Ciders or Pils?

Despite getting more drinks than food, I was quite sick that night so I didn't drink too much or try all of the tastings on offer that night. From what I did try that night, I was satisfied by the quality and texture of the dumplings. While most fillings were traditional such as scallop and prawn siu mai and the vegetarian spinach and Asian vegetables, there was also less traditional fillings including the spanner crab and garlic confit as well as the pork, mushroom and peanut dumplings. Texture-wise, the dumpling skin was noticeably thicker and a bit larger. I do love the look of colourful dumplings which was what stood out for me with this event. Each one has a different shape and colour rather than the usual plain ones that you would see at most dumpling joints.

Pork, Mushroom and Peanut ($10.00 for 4 pieces) - cannot get sick of these dumplings! Decent size and hot to handle. Filling was surprisingly good with the peanut.

Scallop and Prawn Siu Mai ($12.00 for 4 pieces) - huge fan of siu mai dumplings and these were just as delicious with a firm and thicker skin and well-cooked filling

BBQ Duck ($10.00 for 4 pieces) - sticky, shiny and meaty. The BBQ flavour packs a punch to your tastebuds 

I didn't get the name of the below dish but it definitely was some kind of crab (spanner crab since it was mentioned on the menu?) with garnishes. Was very refreshing after the hot dumplings.

Deep fried Lobster Spring Rolls (I think that's what they were called. Not on the regular menu)

Crisp pork belly on a toasted Chinese steamed bun with pickled radish, carrot and hoi sin glaze ($10 for 2) - so crispy it's droolworthy

Mango pudding with almond crumble ($8.00) - this has a nutty yet slightly creamy texture which should excite any dessert fans. Cute cherry!

Haven't been here on a Friday or Saturday night but it seemed like a place to chill out and chat. The venue was small and intimate like the many small bars popping up around Sydney over the last few years. The service was friendly although we noted that our table was often skipped over so we didn't get to try as much as we wanted. Missed out on the green pandan crepes because I was too sick on the night but they looked so tempting to try. In terms of food, this was similar to the high quality dumplings I would expect at bars (think Uncle Ming's and Mr Wong). They are also made fresh to order which is bonus points. It is slightly pricey with $10-$12 for 4 pieces for dumplings. Will certainly visit again next time I'm in the Potts Point/Kings Cross area for dinner to try more dishes especially the spanner crab dumplings and the pandan crepes.

Disclaimer: The Random Foodie attended Love on Top Media Launch as a guest. Opinions remain personal. 

Love on Top
Shop 1/33 Bayswater Road, Potts Point NSW 2035
(02) 8021 9112
Tue-Fri 5:00pm - 12:00am
Sat 2:00pm - 12:00am
Sun 2:00pm - 10:00pm
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    Wait, just everything - YUM!!

    - Cassie

  2. the pork, mushroom and peanut dumplings look like awesome edible tulips. YUM!

  3. It has a curious and cute name. I did wonder what it meant! :P

  4. Crisp pork belly on a toasted Chinese steamed bun with pickled radish, carrot and hoi sin glaze has very nice presentation... I love it

  5. All the dumplings look so great. Could be a deadly place to visit, booze and dumplings on rotation LOL.

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