Thursday, September 29, 2011

Miro Tapas Bar, Sydney

Yesterday was my third visit at this place. A friend of mine wanted to catch up and she preferred any place that has sangria. Who doesn't love sangria? The weather was pretty gloomy so we went somewhere closer to Town Hall in the middle of the Spanish Quarter. It was initially hard to pick on where to try but it came down to this: my friend and I already went to one place, I went to another Spanish restaurant a week ago and the others...well wasn't really keen on the experience after previous visits.
So it came down to this place.

This time we settled on tapas and of course sangria!

Garlic Bread - The bread itself was so delicious as it was very soft and chewy. I'm not the best at identifying bread types but it may have been ciabatta. And I do have a soft spot for any bread that has flour left on the crust.

Tortilla Alhambra - eggplant, onion, capsicum and chilli tortilla with Morrocan spices. On the menu, this is listed as a new item. For those who are not a fan of spicy food, no need to worry. This is actually very mild and is worth to try for the vegetarian although I did expect a bit of a chilli kick.

I can't remember which chorizo I have ordered. I think it was the BBQ chorizo with the caramelised apple (Chorizo con Manzanas Caramelizadas). It was slightly harder to chew but it got very addictive that I wanted to nibble on all of the chorizo pieces eventually.

Gambas al Ajillo - Garlic Prawns. After having these last week at another Spanish restaurant, I had the urges to try these again and hoping that it tastes just as good. When it was presented to us, the prawns were sizzling with hot oil and filled with chopped garlic. I wanted to get all the garlic from the bowl just to sprinkle them on the prawns on my plate for that extra garlic taste. A must try!


Even though we didn't have the paella this time, I would definitely recommend trying it. It had a bit of a crust when I had it here last time and the smell of this from nearby diners is very tempting.


Service was good and friendly and the prices are reasonable for those who want to save a bit. The restuarant is located underground so it was initially harder for me to find when I first heard of it. The setting is dark and has a very romantic, lovely vibe to it. The servings sizes can be reasonable although in previous visits I did have a couple that are best for sharing with a larger group of friends. Overall it's an enjoyable place to check out. And the sangria? Well in my last 2 visits, at least one or all of us walks out tipsy. Just saying.

Miro Tapas Bar
Location: 76 Liverpool St, Sydney NSW
Contact no: (02) 9267 3126

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hello Hello

I'm not so good at introductions. I'm even worse at saying goodbye. But that's another story. I've always been keen on writing about my culinary adventures ever since I've started my job in the city last year where I have dined out regularly. Been taking countless photos of foodie experiences that are already uploaded on Facebook. One way to put it: I love eating, going to restaurants, reading about food and taking photos of food and annoying my fellow workmates while doing so. Also right now my house is full of unused cookbooks...

So yes enough about me. Here's the food!