Sunday, May 6, 2012

Que Huong, Cabramatta

A nice get together with a few friends in the local area on a rainy Saturday afternoon. We arranged to catch up in Cabramatta which is perfect as the dining options are incredible. Eventually my friend mentioned to meet at Que Huong Restaurant which is located in a hidden alleyway - despite the address stating that it's located on John Street. So it may be a bit hard to find if you don't know your way around the area. This is also right across from Cafe Nho which has gotten a bit of recognition in SBS Feasts magazine a few months ago.

The interior design may not look fancy but it is the basic layout that makes you feel like you're at home with your relatives in Vietnam. While many of Cabramatta's restaurants prides themselves on Pho and other noodle-based dishes, Que Huong's signature dish is banh xeo (or Vietnamese pancake). It is interesting that their menu also includes non-Vietnamese dishes like fish and chips and chicken and chips!

While most of us had banh xeo, one of my friends went with banh uot which consists of wide rice noodles, Vietnamese pork sausage, salad and prawn fried in batter . This dish looked very delicious to try especially with the batter that looked like a mini-banh xeo. My friend definitely enjoyed it.

Banh uot

Now for the dish we've all been waiting for. Interestingly, Que Huong Restaurant also serves banh xeo dac biet (special) so some of us ordered this version. However when we got our meals, the normal version and the special version looked very similar and couldn't find any difference. We did find a few chicken pieces in the special banh xeo version but otherwise, it was not a huge difference.

Banh xeo

The batter was very crispy, thin and slightly oily which was fine for us. The fillings were so fresh with the amount of bean sprouts, prawns, onions, pork belly and spirong onions. It is amazing that despite its think and crispy batter and the dense amount of fillings, it still manages not to break apart. We made good use of the complimentary salad by wrapping pieces of banh xeo with a bit of lettuce and mint and dipping it with nuon cham, which is the best way to eat this dish.


Great place to check out some of the more unique and very authentic dishes that stand out on this restaurant's menu that may be overloooked in other Vietnamese restaurants. And a great introduction to banh xeo if you haven't got the chance to try this dish yet!

Anyone for salad?

Que Huong Restaurant
Shop 16, 70 John Street, Cabramatta 2166
Contact no: (02) 9723 9916

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  1. I recently ate at Que Huong and loved the Vietnamese pancakes my friend introduced me to!

    I came across your blog on urbanspoon after blogging about my own experience there.

    It's great to come across another Aussie blogger who loves food!