Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Single Origin Roasters, Surry Hills

What makes a brilliant coffee brew? A good place to start is to find the head quarters of any place that sources most of the coffee and supplies them to numerous cafes across Sydney. Single Origin Roasters is one of those places that do a damn good job with its own cafe and a coffee shop and warehouse where they brew the coffee. Some of the places that serves Single Origin Coffee include the likes of Bourke Street Bakery, Cafe Cre Asion and Central Baking Depot to name a few. It was around this time when I had numerous interviews in the same week so dropping by various cafes became a regular routine. CC has told me previously on how she really loved the coffee there which is saying something because of the competition and being close to many reputable cafes nearby like Reuben Hills, Robocog Cafe and Bang Bang Cafe. Also it has been awarded 3 cups by SMH's Good Cafe Guide in 2011 and 2012 which is pretty darn good.

When you are at a cafe that has its own roasting house, you might as well take the time and money to try their coffee at least. I ordered a mocha which tasted wonderfully balanced. The bitterness of the coffee beans did not overpower and it isn't as sweet as the usual mocha. And the barrista made it look soooo pretty.


CC ordered the cured salmon open sandwich with a slow poached egg, horseradish cream and an orange and black cabbage slaw, which looked amazing to eat. The way the egg is poached is just right with the flowing ooziness of the egg yolk. This ended up getting pretty messy on the plate.

  Cured open sandwich

I ordered the coffee braised beef shortribs which ended up being a very hearty lunch for me. This wasn't as heavy as Hurricane's but it was filling enough for me to not eat anything at all by dinner. Thought that the small serving of potato salad and beetroot with the short ribs was an interesting combination.

Coffee Braised Beef Short Ribs

Pretty small yet busy throughout the day, it is easy to see why it gets the raves on its coffee. And it does make a pretty decent coffee. Its special coffee menu items seems a bit pricey compared to the usual mocha and cappuccino. We both thought that the staff was friendly and a tad cheeky when they served us. Wouldn't mind coming back for their breakfast menu or try more from their lunch menu but sadly they don't open on weekend...bummer.

Single Origin Roasters
64 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills, 2010
(02) 9211 0665

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  1. the shortribs would be so good with the potato salad!