Friday, December 7, 2012

Eat Art Truck, Sydney

One of the biggest things to happen in the food scene this year is the advent of food trucks. And it's no surprise that it is welcome with tremendous hype although many of them arrived much slower than we all expected. Thankfully by now most of them are trekking the streets to deliver their own speciality of treats to the hungry masses. One of the first trucks that arrived on the streets is the Eat Art Truck which now has their own store 'TruckStop' in Bondi.

One of the biggest hypes about this truck in particular is their chef Stuart MacGill (not the cricket player apparently...) who was formerly the sous-chef at Tetsuya's. It is no surprise that some of Tetsuya's influence has prevailed on the menu with a bit of Japanese-American fusion. If you haven't experienced food trucks yet, just letting you know that the menu changes every time I pass by this truck so the food I review below may not be available on the day you check this out.

I have tried this when I first got back from Europe months ago. Recently, I haven't seen this available on the Eat Art menu but it may pop up eventually. I hope it does as it is pretty healthy and nourishing. Not to mention it is gluten free and vegetarian-friendly. The beetroot made this dish very juicy. I especially liked the use of puffed wild rice as it is something I don't usually eat but would like to try more often.

Beetroot salad with seeds, sprouts, puffed wild rice ($8)

The kingfish cerviche is just full of colours in one plate from the crunchy chips to the soft cubes of kingfish and the creamy mayo. It was similar to nachos but without the cheese and slightly healthier and refreshing. Perfect to have on a hot day.

Kingfish ceviche marinated in lime juice, shallots, coriander and chilli with tortilla chips ($10)

The one that always gets the attention from the masses is the pulled pork in a bun. I love pulled pork so I had to try it whenever I pass by this truck. I would recommend to buy this on its own as the servings are decent. The bun is sweet like the bread you may get at Breadtop but much tastier, fresher and soft enough to bite through the bun. The smoky pulled pork is so tender and packed in generous portions into the bun with mustard cabbage - it is enough for you to get full pretty quickly. Adding the sauce (available in hot or sweet sauce) and you get a pretty messy eating experience. I was a bit surprised about the carrot sticks but I found them to be very useful once the smoky pork and the sauce becomes a bit overwhelming after many mouthfuls. Very juicy and full of flavour from every ingredient.

Pulled pork in a bun with mustard cabbage with hot sauce ($12)

Gotta try the chicken wings with shichimi pepper, and the spatchcock next time! Hopefully there will be more new interesting items added to Eat Art's menu soon and that its trading hours operate later than 11:30pm as the pulled pork bun is great for a post-hangover snack.

Check it out on various Sydney locations by following their Twitter and Facebook page:

Eat Art Truck
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  1. Damn these food trucks look amazing! I wish they ventured closer to where I work :(

    1. Whereabouts do you work? I think there is a food truck serving sliders that will be opening around Parra very soon.

    2. In Epping :( Yah I've heard about the Parra one, but still not *super* close. But closer than the city, this is true :)