Friday, July 4, 2014

Sunday Roast at Simmone Logue Fine Food, Double Bay

Ever stepped into a suburb where you felt like a fish out of water? It's like what you see in the movies like Coming to America or Cool Runnings or about a billion other films around the world. A few weekends ago, me and a couple of friends were invited to try out the Sunday roast, which was part of the Winter menu at Simmone Logue Fine Food (SLFF) at Double Bay. As someone who has resided in South West Sydney for most of my life, I actually felt like a tourist once I was at Double Bay especially after seeing countless boats on the bay, mansion-sized houses on the hill and expensive cars everywhere.

While Simmone Logue Fine Food may be better known as the catering company that looks after private work functions, there is actually a couple of cafes located in Double Bay and Cammeray owned by the same company. We even got to meet Simmone Logue herself who (along with a hilarious waiter) kept us well fed on the day.

The cafe was actually very busy when we were there though there was limited indoor and outdoor seating. Whether you are choosing to eat in or takeaway, there were plenty of choices that will fill you up from the printed menu, the blackboard menu and the counter filled with salads, sandwiches, rolls and baked goodies near the register.

Mocha ($4.95)

Standard coffee costs $4.40 but a mocha was $4.95. Although it was a bit pricier compared to most other places, the cup was actually very tall so it was actually worth it. Personally I thought that the texture was quite smooth with a milkier flavour. Because of the tall glass, it actually took a while for me to finish which surprised CC who was familiar with my super fast drinking habits.

Mixed Berry Smoothie and Mango Smoothie ($8.80)

Both CC and N commented that the smoothies were amazing since it wasn't overly sweet. I did not end up trying it but they seemed really happy about what they ordered. 

Sunday Roast: Roasted fillet of beef with potato gratin, roasted blue pumpkin, green beans and red wine jus ($25.00)

As part of their Winter seasonal special, SLFF has been offering Sunday roast, which changes on a weekly basis. A week before, they were serving roast chook according to my IG feed so I was surprised (and ecstatic) when a plate of slow-cooked scotch beef fillet turned up at our table. Cooked at around medium rare, the beef was very tender and juicy. Although there was quite a few fatty cuts remaining on the meat. According to Logue, the beans were blanched and the blue pumpkin was sourced from QLD. Everything on this dish was so tasty including the potato gratin which did not have a strong creamy taste. It was a total guilty pleasure that would be perfect to indulge on a cold day especially after last weekend's wild windy weather.

Sunday Pudding: Bread and Butter Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream ($5.00)

We were getting quite full by this point so it was a bit of a struggle to finish this despite our sweet second stomachs for dessert. Speaking of which, the pudding was nicely crumbled and very sweet though the ice cream helped to balance the overall flavour.

Baked treats

We couldn't help but be very curious when we spotted a customer outside eating a bowl of (what appears to be) pho. After glancing at the menu we found out that SLFF does in fact offer chicken pho on the menu. This has gotten us even more curious to come back just to see how the pho compares to what we get at Cabra, Canley, Bankstown and Marrickville. Logue commented that she got the inspiration to include pho on the menu after trying out the pho at a restaurant in Marrickville near her catering company head office. 

The service was lovely and the prices were closing in on the slightly more pricey end though, given the area, it's probably a bit more reasonable. Although Double Bay is a bit out of the way for us to do regular visits, the homemade and heart-warming meals listed on the menu has gotten us keen to come back again to explore more of what the cafe offers. 

Sunday Roast is currently available every Sunday at Simmone Logue Double Bay until the end of Winter. Bookings are recommended.

Disclaimer: The Random Foodie and guests dined as a guest of Platinum Media and Communications and Simmone Logue. Opinions remain personal.

Simmone Logue Fine Food - Double Bay
2 Cross Street, Double Bay NSW 2028
(02) 9327 5700
Mon-Sat: 7:30am - 4:30pm
Sun: 7:30am - 3:00pm
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  1. mm~ sounds like such a nice and hearty winter menu! :D
    Double Bay is a nice area :)

  2. Sunday pudding looks so good and with ice-cream, bonus points!