Monday, September 1, 2014

The Paramount Coffee Project, Surry Hills

Earlier this year, I promised to try to keep up with the brunch trends around Sydney. Considering that there are quite a few cafes opening in places like Alexandria, Petersham, Bondi Beach and Parramatta; this was much harder than I thought. So it was no surprise that I am probably the last person to talk about Paramount Coffee Project. My review for this cafe has been long overdue for months that I have already made a number of visits. With the drool-worthy food porn and a diverse selection of roasted coffee beans led by the team from Reuben Hills and Melbourne's Seven Seeds, it was no surprise that there was so many raves about this cafe so soon after it opened last year.

This modern and industrial-looking interior space with natural lighting and minimalist decor was also the home of Paramount Pictures Building as well as the Golden Age Cinemas for the keen movie buffs at night. While there was so much space, there actually wasn't much seating options so there was a bit of a wait before a table was available if you go on weekends. On one of my visits, there was a fashion sale happening upstairs which was a great way to kill time while you wait.

Skim Mocha ($4.00) 

Considering the alumni managing PCP, it's no surprise that there would be high expectations when it comes to the coffee. Thankfully, the usual mocha order didn't disappoint. The mocha was balanced with not too much chocolate and not as much milk. It also had an aromatic, roasted texture as I sip into the cup.

Rose Iced Tea ($5.00) 

Based on a staff recommendation, I also got a Rose Iced Tea on another visit when the weather was warmer. I think it's becoming a trend for fresh juices and iced tea drinks to be served in those big jars since I've spotted them in nearly every hipster-esque cafe lately. While the iced tea wasn't very sweet, it was refreshing to enjoy on a warm day.

Baked Eggs: chorizo, cannelini beans, toast ($17.00) 

Been a fan of baked eggs lately even though I only got into it this year. While the egg yolk wasn't as runny as I would have liked, PCP's version was actually very delicious. The flavour of the sauce was not too strong and the texture wasn't very heavy or watery compared to a few other versions of this dish. The serving size is reasonable enough to eat without feeling too bloated at the end. Cannot go wrong with chorizos in baked eggs either. Always a winner for me. 

Coca Cola Ox Cheek Waffles: corn and tomato salsa, horseradish mayo, coriander ($19.00; $24.00 - including hush puppies) 

Another item that has gotten me curious after seeing it countless times on instagram was the lovely looking Coca Cola Ox Cheek Waffles. The braised ox cheek had strong flavours that were quite spicy - possibly from the horseradish mayo. While the waffles did get a bit soggy from all the toppings, the crumbled pork crackling added a good crunch that was much needed. I didn't mind the hush puppies since I haven't tried it elsewhere, though it did tasted dry. With all the starch in the waffles, the hush puppies were probably a bit too much to handle in the stomach.

Crab Po' Boy: soft shell crab, house slaw, ranch sauce, milk bun ($19.00; $24.00 - including onion rings)

While the menu changes every month, the one item that has not been removed since Paramount Coffee Project opened its doors was the famous Crab Po' Boy. While the usual Po' Boy found in America was served in a sandwich sub, PCP's version was served in a milk bun similar to what you see in a burger. Was satisfied with the soft, buttery bun and the crispy soft shell crab even though it was very messy to handle. Just one bite and you can see the creamy ranch sauce and slaw flow onto your plate. While it did fill me up, the price was pretty expensive in my opinion. The onion rings were also tasty and well-cooked with its fried batter and tangy mayo on the side.

Even though most of the seating was shared tables, I actually didn't mind since PCP delivers a vibrant and buzzing atmosphere even when it's not as busy. As it was housed in the Paramount Building, it's no surprise when you are surrounded by film buffs discussing their latest project. The prices were on the more expensive side and the dishes won't reduce your waistline so this isn't a cafe I would go on a regular basis. However, the dishes were tasty even with the minor flaws and the service was attentive. Since Spring is here, I look forward to seeing what they offer next on their menu.

Paramount Coffee Project
80 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010
(02) 9211 1122
Mon-Sun: 7:00am - 4:00pm
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  1. pretentious food at pretentious prices!

  2. How good is the soft shelled crab po boy!

  3. U're definitely not the last to visit this place. I haven't been there myself hehe! But great post.. I would love to go now after reading your post.

  4. Haha I do love their crab po boy but I agree, it does get quite messy to eat!

  5. That crab po boy is such a crowd pleaser! Love it and the coca cola ox cheek waffles too

  6. i still havent been but i really want to try that waffle!

  7. never had a chance to go! but that crab po boy and waffle looks so good <3 and yes, those waffle pictures on instagram got me so want to go too!

  8. I've never been here before but I really want to try the baked eggs. The waffle also looks quite interesting.

  9. Love the baked eggs at PCP! SO AMAZING! The Coca Cola Ox Cheek Waffles sounds very interesting! Definitely wanna try it!