Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bellisimo's Woodfired Pizza and Pasta, Cabramatta

For nearly my whole life, I have often drove or been driven past the Cabramatta Golf Club on my way to Cabramatta or Fairfield. The whole time I never knew that they have their own Italian restaurant. Then again, I am not the biggest fan of golf.
Was recommended by some friends living in the same area so one evening, we gave it a go. We didn't end up having the pizzas as it was just the two of us. Not to mention, the servings were large. And how large they really were!

I got the pasta dish - I cannot remember the exact name but it had olives so I'm guessing it was the fettuccini (or linguine) puttanesca. The sauce was tangy and finely sprinkled with parsley with a bit of bite from the spices. The olives still had seeds inside so it was a bit frustrating eventually from chewing through all of them.

My friend had a bit of bad luck that evening. He ordered the chicken parmigiana because he enjoyed it at a previous visit. This time though, the amount of chicken fillets has doublet to two EPIC pieces covered with a vast amount of cheese. It was the kind of meal you would expect Adam Richman from Man v Food attempt and possibly fail due to the amount of cheese and breadcrumbs. I attempted to help him eat a bit of it but I was also getting full from my pasta. The crumbed chicken was a bit dry though and the cheese tasted a bit hard.

In the end I've finished my pasta but my friend understandably couldn't finish his dish. It was a wonder because last time he had one serving of chicken fillet covered with cheese but this time it was two massive fillets overloaded with cheese and I don't think the waiter has addressed this. It probably didn't help that it was not mentioned in the menu either. Despite that mishap, the pasta wasn't that bad and the waiter serving us was friendly. I will probably only come back to try the pizzas if any friend holds an event there. But I wouldn't have the urge to come back here as I would for some other Italian restaurants across Sydney. Hopefully next time, they fix up the chicken parmigiana mishap. It was hilarious doing a Man v Food moment though and I will look back to this experience for the memorable laughs.

Bellissimo's Woodfired Pizza and Pasta
440 Cabramatta Road West, Cabramatta
Contact no: (02) 9753 4030

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