Monday, June 23, 2014

West Juliett, Marrickville

In a continuation of my brunching adventures around Marrickville, we stopped by West Juliett for lunch. Unlike Cornersmith, West Juliett is located in the quieter streets of the suburb near Enmore Park. While it is not too far from the nearest bus stop, it is still a bit of an effort to get there if you rely on public transport compared to Cornersmith which was only minutes away from Marrickville train station. On the other hand, it is really easy to get parking which is a huge bonus.

Mocha ($3.50)

I ordered my usual mocha, which had a creamy and frothy texture with a milder flavour but still very nice to have especially on a cool day. For those who know their coffee lingo, West Juliett uses White Horse Coffee blend from Sutherland - which is roasted locally.

Watermelon, Pineapple and Lemon fresh pressed juice ($4.90 / $5.90)

CC was very satisfied with her pressed juice that she was keen for seconds. Not overwhelmingly sweet too. Perfect to have on a nice sunny day. Missing those summer days again right now to be honest.

Bowl of hand cut chips with crisp herbs ($5.90)

We literally devoured all of these chips in a flash! They were nicely crispy and not too salty. Also the chips went really well with the herbs which mostly consisted of fried sage leaves, basil and rosemary to name a few. Would order this again next time.

Soft scrambled eggs with cured salmon, sorrel, yoghurt, fennel on toast ($15.90)
- with a side of bacon ;) ($3.90)

I'm not a morning person so an all-day breakfast menu in addition to a lunch menu is enough to get my undivided attention to try out a cafe without the need to get up so early on the weekend. The scrambled eggs were certainly very soft, flavoursome, creamy and milky especially when paired up with the yoghurt. For me, the winning elements were the cured salmon to balance the flavours with its smokey and salty taste as well as the fennel and veggies for that added crunch when it got overwhelmingly creamy. A great dish to have if you love scrambled eggs.

Twelve hour pork sandwich with peach mostrada, pimenton aioli and rocket ($12.90)

I spent a good amount food envying CC's twelve hour pork sandwich. It was seriously one epic sandwich consisting of two very thick slices of (sourdough) bread stacked with loads and loads of pulled pork. Because it was stacked so high, I was wondering how on earth you could hold that sandwich together but CC managed it with little mess. Did not have much but from what i tasted, the pulled pork was quite tender. Would definitely order this or the pork salad next time.

Pink salt chocolate chip cookie ($3.80)

Before coming to West Juliett, I check out the food on instagram (as you do lol) and saw that nearly every photo linked with this cafe was simply just a chocolate chip cookie. Not just any choc chip cookie but a gigantic pink salt choc chip cookie! I know what I will be getting for my sweet tooth. Sure enough the cookie did not disappoint us. While it was a tad crispier on the edges, it was soft, chewy and gooey as you take more bites into this. If pink salt cookie sounds a bit random for you, fear not! It was actually tasted quite sweet and not too salty. Could buy a couple more of these next time. There are also plenty of baked goods and pastries at the front cabinet near the register if you are opting for other sweet treats. And they are all baked in-house!

While there was still the usual hip vibe from the general crowd, the atmosphere was quiet, chilled and cozy. There was also a few families when we were dining there at the time as well as customers with dogs at the outdoor seating area. Service was lovely, polite and accommodating to our needs. Though the stand out for me was the massive servings for their dishes with very reasonable prices that will keep you full and satisfied for hours. My only qualm is that West Juliett does not open on Sunday which is a bummer if you are working during the week. Looking forward to making another trip back here for the famous pulled pork salad sometime soon.

West Juliett
30 Llewellyn Street, Marrickville NSW 2204
(02) 9519 0101
Mon-Sat: 7:00am - 4:00pm
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  1. i want that cookie. I NEED THAT COOKIE.

  2. That hand cut chips sound awesome! And I love choc chip cookies with salt in them!

  3. I've been meaning to check this place out - I kinda feel I need to attempt a choc chip cookie with salt at home now.. :)

  4. Ditto- love an all day breakfast! The yumminess of breakfast without the sleepiness. The egg dish looks delicious!

  5. how awesome is the cookie!! love west juliett

  6. Chips & herbs sounds brilliant. And I really wanna try the cookie!

  7. ooooh those chips look really good!!

  8. There's really nothing that gets me up better than the promise of a good Aussie brekkie. I think it's the singular thing that makes getting up early entirely worthwhile. Besides having to go to work and make money of course haha!