Thursday, January 26, 2012

Janeks Cafe, Bowral

Daaay trip! Oooooooh yessssss!

So several friends and myself went to Canberra to check out the Renaissance art at the National Gallery of Australia. Along the way there, we did a couple of stop overs because we needed to rest after a pretty long drive and to check out the scenery. One of the stop overs we made was for brunch at a cafe in Bowral which has won a few awards in the area.

The decor of the cafe had a French cafe atmosphere with music playing in the background and various posters that you usually would see at a French cafe or restaurant. We were all really tired so we had some coffee and fruit drinks to start off the day. The first thing we've noticed was how pricey the menu was. Since we're in a cafe in regional NSW rather than in Surry Hills, we went along with it.

Poached eggs with bacon and toast

Runny egg :)

J and I had poached eggs with bacon with two slices of toasted bread. I thought the bread was very tough to cut but the egg was well cooked. Nothing starts a good day than a perfect runny yolk. For poached eggs, I thought they did a really good job with it. The bacon was also well cooked to my liking. A great match with the poached eggs on toast.

Poached eggs with hash brown, avocado and tomato

N had the same with mine and J's but with a fried egg. However S went against the crowd and ordered a pretty decent breakfast with poached eggs, bacon, slices of avocado and hash brown on the side. I tried the hash brown and found it to be very crunchy but not as much flavour.

Fried eggs with bacon and toast

The atmosphere was very comforting and we had a great time chilling out before the long drive to Canberra. If you have to stop somewhere, this is one of those places to check out if you need a rest or you are very hungry and you aren't in the mood for Maccas. Also note for those driving to Canberra...remember to fill up your petrol! We couldn't find one for miles!

Janeks Cafe
Corbett Plaza, Shop 4 Wingecarribee Street Bowral 2576
Contact no: 02 4861 4414

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