Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pepper Lunch, Sydney CBD

This was one of those places that I've dined at numerous times when I used to work closer to World Square. Since leaving that workplace, I have probably been there only a couple of times since then. Nevertheless for me it's an oldie but a goodie because it always brings me back memories of my regular visits years ago.

While it is identified as a Japanese fast food chain with branches spanning across Asia and Australia, this wasn't what I had in mind whenever I go inside this eatery. Mainly because my idea of fast food is anything involving Maccas, KFC etc. When going inside, the decor of the restaurant screams yellow everywhere. Though you can't help smelling the aroma of the food emanated from the hotplates. Yum! 

One of my favourite dishes here is the curry beef. I love the savoury and saucy texture that you get from the curry paste and it just really makes the plain white rice taste so much better. The star of the show is of course the hot plate. According to Pepper Lunch, these special hot plates were created in Japan that were heated to 260 degrees Celsius by an electromagnetic cooker and then remains hot for a while to keep the food well cooked. Just remember to be careful with the hot plate when stirring because tiny hot juices can bounce and hit your skin when it's extremely hot! You can then cook the meat based on your preference. Whether it is rare or well done, I always thought that the beef was juicy and succulent every time I have this dish. It is important to mix the sauce throughout the rice instead of leaving it like a lump in the middle (like I used to do so many times in the past) as it gives it a decent kick of flavour. You can also add garlic soy sauce or sweet sauce to add to the meal. The serving is fairly large and I felt bloated but satisfied after eating this. 

Curry pepper rice ($9.90) - Before shot

Mixing all the ingredients

Like fast food restaurants, you get the choice of miso soup or drink for $2.50 extra. And if you want to upsize your rice to large size then it's $1.00 extra. 

Curry Pepper Rice - After shot

Recently, I was catching up with V after work on a Friday night. We originally planned to eat at Chefs Gallery after our previous failed attempt last time. Once again, we were met with a ridiculously long queue of at least 30 people waiting to get inside. After checking out a few more places, we eventually settled with Pepper Lunch because of the prices and it was less packed. 

While I originally wanted to get the curry pepper rice again, I was keen on something low carb that night and was drooling at the thought of two different cuts of beef in one dish. Thought that both cuts were tender, hearty and incredibly juicy. The veggies on the side helped in balancing your taste buds with the amount of meat on the plate. Overall I thought it was delicious and a great option if you are looking for something that is low carb or just not a fan of rice at all.

Cut steak and hamburger ($13.80)

V was initially in the mood for seafood so he chose the salmon pepper rice. I tried a bit of it and thought it tasted decent but V said that he wished he tried the beef version instead after tasting the beef cuts in my dish.

Salmon pepper rice ($11.00)

If you are looking for a reasonably cheap meal with quick service then this is one of those places. It can get very busy at lunch and sometimes there is a queue when you order the food but compared to many other places, it doesn't take that long and most of the cooking is done by you. It's simple, efficient, tasty and conveniently located near Event Cinemas on George Street, Town Hall Station, World Square and other shops in the area.

Pepper Lunch
537 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9264 3555
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  1. theres just sometihng abt pepperlunch that makes it so good despite being pretty heavy on msg!

    1. used to eat here all the time when i was working closer to that eatery. so addicted to it

  2. I have been wondering what Pepper Lunch was like, looks better than I thought :)

    1. i thought the same before i tried it the first time years ago

  3. My friend went there recently and was raving about the wagyu beef of some sort. Looks like this really calls for a visit!! :)

    1. i think it's closed for renovations but hopefully it will reopen soon. there's another branch at haymarket i think

  4. I was always curious about Pepper lunch and always wondered why they served raw beef? hahaha

    Now I know! Looks rather good.
    Was this the same day we went to Ippudo?

    1. one of the visits was on that same day lol