Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gumshara Ramen, Haymarket

On days when the weather was freezing, it's pretty much the perfect time for ramen. I've gotten a few recommendations about this place for a while and I was craving for ramen that night. Well hidden inside the Eating World food court, the layout is similar to the hawker centres back in Singapore - though very cramped, noisy, and not as clean. But that doesn't stop anyone from trying this out. There was already heaps of people (students, workers, tourists etc.) waiting for their order so it is clearly very popular with the masses.

Good luck charm ^.^

Upon looking at the menu, you can see that this place is dedicated to making ramen as it occupies more than half of the menu with flavours ranging from their infamous Tonkotsu ramen to Miso ramen to Mega Ramen! From hearing what everyone else has to say about Gumshara Ramen, it is that their ramen is THICK! This is mostly because unlike most other restaurants that serve ramen, Gumshara makes their stock using pork bones, bone marrow, collagen and water, and without any MSG. And many are unable to finish their bowl. I was very hungry that evening and I think this calls for a challenge. Sidenote though: I wonder if anyone has been able to complete the Mega Ramen? Or even the spicy Bomb Ramen?

Sneak peek behind the scenes

Mega Ramen - are you up for it?

Chilli Bomb Ramen

I decided to go easy and went with the traditional Tonkotsu Ramen. The one that gets the praises and the notoriously full stomachs. It took a while for them to make it due to slow-cooked process as explained above. On the side, there is a stand full of condiments (including pickled garlic and sesame seeds) to add to your ramen as you please to add a bit more flavour, which I made the most of it. You can also add an egg for an additional $1.50.

Self-serve condiments stand

There is a reason why it's frequently known to have a thick, rich, salty broth. The ramen really was thick and rich with a helping of bamboo shoots and generous, thin slices of pork. It is understandably a generous serving for one person to finish. I really enjoyed the noodles which has a nice chewy bite. As I eat through the dish, the broth has gotten thicker and the porky flavour was stronger and richer. While the taste is different from most ramen dishes I've had, it is the unique taste that made me enjoyed it.

Tonkotsu ramen

While it was a struggle, surprisingly I did finish the whole bowl and it was a tough, interesting and tasteful challenge. I am still keen to come back to try another bowl or a different flavour as I did enjoy eating it. Make good use of the condiments as it may help you with finishing it up. Whether you enjoy ramen with thick and rich broths or not, I would recommend this place for the experience at least and it is clear to see why many people have named Gumshara as one of their top ramen places in Sydney.

Gumshara Ramen
Eating World Harbour Plaza, Shop 209, 25-29 Dixon Street,
Haymarket NSW 2000

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  1. Keep hearing good things about this place. So unusual that they have such thick broth - I'm used to a really thin broth in ramens!

    1. I'm surprised I was able to finish it! XD

  2. Yummm!!! This is making me drool! :)

  3. Hi Annie, I tried this place out today. They didn't have the tonkatsu ramen at 3pm, but oddly they had tomato tonkatsu ramen. I tried that out, and honestly I didn't think it was all that great.
    I did ask for the thick broth but the flavour was very mild.

    The Cheese Karaage Ramen at Ramenkan is a beast in comparison.

    No insult to your conclusion of Gumshara, but thought I'd share a little variety on the experience at Gumshara.

    1. All cool :). The idea about a tomato tonkatsu ramen sounds really weird tbh. Never heard anything like it. Thanks for your input! :)