Wednesday, October 17, 2012

N2 Extreme Gelato, Chinatown

Gelato made using nitrogen? This pretty much sounds like something you would hear in any episode related to Heston Blumenthal. But there is now a dessert place at Dixon Street in Haymarket where they create gelato by mixing creamy flavours, and liquid nitrogen. Hearing something like that is enough to get immediate hype from the masses so it's no wonder that the place was crowded when we arrived there. Sounds too good to be true?

The making of the gelato. Check out the smoke!

In keeping up with the science theme, the staff were dressed in labcoats and the counter is filled with conical flasks and Kitchen Aid appliances. The flavours listed at N2 Extreme Gelato ranges from the 'boring' like chocolate and vanilla, to the wacky like the cigar smoked Haianese coffee!

The staff was very helpful with giving us even more info about the flavours to help with our decision making. The earl grey infused caramel flavour stood out for me so I went along with that while CC went with buttered popcorn - both very popular and highly selling flavours. The gelato was creamy, smooth, rich and dense that it was a struggle for both of us to finish one scoop.

 The sweetness in the earl grey caramel gelato is more subtle than I expected. I was hoping for that caramel taste but it was mixed with the creamy milk which did take over some of the sweetness.

 Earl Grey infused Caramel Gelato

The buttered popcorn was more savoury with bits of popcorn inside the gelato. My friend didn't enjoy this as much as she hoped and didn't end up finishing it.

Buttered popcorn

While the concept does sound fascinating, it didn't excite us as much we want to since the texture was thick and dense and the taste was too milky. It did taste different to the usual gelato but on this occasion it has not made us jump on the bandwagon yet. However, I'm still curious to try out a few more of their crazy flavours. At $6 for a massive scoop like that, it's a pretty reasonable deal.

N2 Extreme Gelato
43/1 Dixon Street, Sydney NSW 2000

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  1. I've been dying to try this place out! Definitely reminds me of Heston hehe. Those two flavours both seem the most appealing to me as well but its a shame they weren't as enjoyable as you hoped!