Friday, January 25, 2013

Pho Minh, Cabramatta

I have already mentioned a few times on this blog on how there are numerous restaurants in Cabramatta that have been going on for a decade or two (or three!). This is in stark contrasts to many restaurants that have opened only a few years ago and have closed within a year or less. Makes you wonder how do the restaurants in Cabramatta do this? Pho Minh is one of the former, having been around for as long as I can remember.

Like most Cabramatta Vietnamese restaurants, Pho Minh is one of those places that doesn't need a major design overhaul to draw the crowds although it did have a makeover a few years ago but the local, cheap and cheerful atmosphere is still there with pop music playing in the background. Sure it's not as famous as Pho Tau Bay but it is a great meeting spot for lunch with families and friends.

They have a generous selection of pho noodle dishes. They even have satay pho! Should be very very interesting to try. The menu also includes the usual favourites like vermicelli noodles and rice dishes as well as some dishes that aren't often seen at Vietnamese restaurants such as congee and udon noodles.

If you are opting for something healthier, Pho Minh's version of goi cuon (or rice paper rolls) are superb. Each roll is filled with small prawns, slices of pork, a small bundles of soft noodles and spring onion sticking out of the roll. These are really light and fresh to have on a hot summer day. Perfect with the dipping sauce or even the complimentary chilli oil. 

Goi Cuon ($8)

There is only one size available at Pho Minh and it's a pretty generous bowl of pho. The beef is incredibly soft and easy to pull apart. Also, the noodles are slightly thinner at Pho Minh and the broth isn't as sweet which should be good for those who aren't a fan of those sweet broths in pho bowls. 

Pho Tai ($9.50)

Affordable prices for a restaurant in Cabramatta with friendly and fast service. It costs an additional 50c for take away which is not too bad. While it is located on the quieter Arthur Street rather than the much busier John Street, it is local favourites like these that makes Cabramatta what it is today. Definitely worth a try when you're on a budget, finding somewhere to go for a quick lunch after seeing lengthy queues at many hotspots or just simply searching for some good pho and local, hidden favourites.

Pho Minh
42 Arthur Street, Cabramatta NSW 2166
(02) 9726 5195

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  1. Mmm a big bowl of hearty pho is perfect for this cold rainy weather. Satay pho too, sounds very interesting!