Sunday, February 17, 2013

Stra Pocha, Strathfield

Situated on the much, much less busy side of Strathfield, Stra-Pocha has been a popular Korean dining spot for the locals and young uni students when you feel like some fried chicken, Korean BBQ or hot pot. It is also far away from all the insane froyo action (which has now taken over the whole of Sydney by storm). I often have trouble trying to go from one side to the another without going into the station until CC showed me a passageway that leads to the other side nearby the station. Yup after all these years, I still don't know my way around Strathfield.

Complimentary condiments (incl. kim chi)

While there are several individual sized dishes, there are many meals that are aimed to share with a larger group instead of just one or two mates. We went with one of the popular choices on the menu which is the fried chicken with melted cheese on a paella dish-sized hot plate. IT WAS MASSIVE! The melted cheese wasn't as stringy as I hoped but I think we left it a bit too late to mix it around the chicken so the cheese probably dried itself out...oops. It certainly has a strong cheese scent. The meat of the chicken seemed to taste a bit dry but the batter retained its crispiness.

Fried chicken with melted cheese

And to top it all off, the waiter gave us a complimentary serving of more fried chicken! LOL! As if the ones we already had weren't filling enough.

Fried chicken

If I knew how big this will be, I probably wouldn't have ordered the seafood pancake - my usual Korean food favourite. It's much thicker than the ones I get at other restaurants. It appears to be stuffed like a stuffed pizza with bundles of seafood pieces sandwiched between the pancake batter.

Seafood Pancake

We both struggled and ended up getting take away at the end. The service was average but it's what we would usually expect at a Korean restaurant. We will come back to try the hot pot as I've heard that it's top notch at Stra Pocha. Will go easy on the food next time for sure or bring even more people to share the heavy dishes. A recommended place to go if you are keen on going to Strathfield just for Korean food since the menu does have a decent range of dishes that we are keen to try next time.

Stra Pocha
19-21 Everton Road, Strathfield NSW 2135
(02) 9745 5959

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  1. sooo much fried chicken goodness! looks amazing with the melted cheese underneath. and that seafood pancake is soo thick! lol that you got even more complimentary chicken haha.

    1. i know hey. we were seriously stuffed by the time they brought out more fried chicken.

  2. complimentary fried chicken! now that's a service :)

  3. y u no invest in SLR camera instead using phone camera

  4. LOL I do have a digital still camera which I also use but have been looking around for some cheap SLR cameras for a while hehe :p