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Product Review & Giveaway: AntiOx Snack Bars and Chocolate

Product talk by Nuffnang

UPDATE: The winners are finally announced! Congrats to Tina@foodfortina and Olivia@Mademoiselle in Sydney for winning the AntiOx prize packs! I'll try to get in contact with you over the next few days on getting your packages or just email me your mailing address to annetran@gmail[dot]com by 31st July 2013. Otherwise we'll have to pick a new winner. Happy snacking!

Hey lovelies! Hungry for the latest restaurant, bar, cafe or foodie trend but you also want to stay fit and healthy? Also are you obsessed with sweets and desserts? Me too! Read on guys :).

I bet you will be wondering what AntiOx really is. You may also be wondering on whether chocolate can ever be considered as something healthy to eat. But seriously...can it?

For those who either know me personally or kept up to date with me on instagram or Twitter, you may know that I have been getting fit. After many many years of delaying action for my weight loss, I finally decided to go to the gym and start eating healthy (sort of). Trying to go on a diet while maintaining this food blog has been incredibly tough especially with so many cool restaurants and bars serving extremely delicious and very unhealthy food (like fried chicken, chips and pasta OMGGG). As of the last 4 months, the weight loss has been surprisingly successful so far. Since it's winter, it has been challenging in trying to stay fit during the colder months and have been falling back into hot comfort food instead of colder salads and wraps but I'm sure when summer arrives, the cold salads will be worth it. 

Before shot: December 2012

After shot: June 2013

Which brings me to this. I love chocolate. Especially dark chocolate. Unfortunately, chocolate has that bad stigma when it comes to dieting and weight loss but it is one of my biggest guilty pleasures. Recently there has been news in fitness magazines and articles about dark chocolate being classified as a superfood full on antioxidents thanks to the amount of cocoa. Daily intake of natural antioxidants including fruits, grains and seeds are essential for your body because it boosts your immune system and will help in fighting free radicals that causes poor health especially in the cold winter weather. AntiOx chocolate and snack bars will take care of giving you that boost of antioxidants with 70% cocoa and superfruits and ancient grains (like acai, goji, chia and quinoa) in the mixture.They are also very delicious and sweet...without artificial sweeteners! While I know some people who don't like dark chocolate due to the taste, I think you have been missing out as it is actually quite good for you (in moderation of course!). 

In fact, AntiOx Chocolate and Snack Bars use Stevia, which is a natural plant-based sweetener. This means that the chocolate used here is actually sugar free and quite light in comparison to other chocolate available in shops. When sampling the AntiOx chocolate, I found it to be quite fruity and you can immediately taste the cocoa as you bite into the piece. It may not be Lindt but it's a naturally sweet and healthier alternative for whenever you get chocolate cravings. AntiOx chocolate is available in two varieties: Acai (this type of berries has more antioxidants than other known berries) and Goji (rich with vitamins especially vitamin C, antioxidants and essential minerals). While this is predominantly dark chocolate, you can taste the Acai/Goji fruits as you chew into each piece. If you're not a fan of green tea but you would like to improve your immune system, you will be happy to know that the amount of antioxidant’s of goji and acai berries combined with the 70% of cocoa in dark chocolate is the equivalent of 12 cups of green tea! Guilt free and happy days!

AntiOx Chocolate - Acai

AntiOx Chocolate - Goji

I absolutely loved the snack bars not just because of its dark chocolate coating, but also its fruity berry filling inside similar to a muesli bar. I've been taking these delicious treats to work whenever I get hungry for a morning or afternoon snack. They do have a decent amount of sweetness thanks to the berries packed into the bar but it's all natural. Perfect for a snack to have while you are at work and your stomach starts to rumble. The AntiOx snack bars comes in three flavours: Acai, Goji (see above) and Chia & Quinoa. Both of the Acai and Goji snack bars were full of soft, chewy and flavoursome goodness. The Chia and Quinoa snack bar has more crispy bits like chia seeds and quinoa seeds but it still retains that chewy and fruity texture. The latter is the ideal choice if you would like to have a boost in calcium, protein, iron, fibre, omega-3 and vitamins B and E.

AntiOx Snack Bar - Acai

AntiOx Chocolate - Goji

AntiOx Chocolate - Chia and Quinoa

The fruity bits!

Now for some free giveaways!!!

Thanks to Nuffnang and Vitality Brands, there are two (yes two!) prize packs of AntiOx products to giveaway (valued at over $30) to my super lovely and sweet readers. 

Giveaway pack:
6 x AntiOx snack bars and
4 x AntiOx chocolates

When was the last time you got LOTS of freeeeee chocolate? Especially chocolate full of antioxidants?

To enter into this competition, simply answer the following question by leaving a comment below on this post: 

Giveaway question: Why do you want to try the new AntiOx snack bars and chocolate?

Entries are open until Friday 28th June 2013 at 5:00pm AEST so start getting creative with your responses and submit your entries before you miss out!
Remember to include your email address or any preferred contact (Twitter, blog, Facebook etc) so you can be notified if you win one of the prizes. The winner will be decided based on the most creative response by the judges. Please also check the Terms and conditions of giveaway when you enter (don't worry it's not long at all!). 

Unfortunately to my international readers, this competition is open to Australian residents only. Sorry guys :(.

For more info on AntiOx goodies, hit up their AntiOx Facebook page. They are also doing a Winter Snack Bar Giveaway where you can get a free snack bar if you sign up to be a member. You can also find these products in the health food section of supermarkets, health food stores and pharmacies.

Happy and healthy snacking everyone!

Disclaimer: The Random Foodie was provided with samples of AntiOx Snack Bars and Chocolate courtesy of Nuffnang and Vitality Brands. No payment was received. Everything in this post is based on personal opinion and experiences. Especially for the love of chocolate.


  1. Well done on the weight loss so far! I'm suprised I haven't bumped into you at the gym yet? :P

    1. I know right! lol. When do you usually go? I always go late on weekdays or during the arvos on weekends.

      Wanna win free chocolate? :D

  2. Ooh I have a very very bad addiction to chocolate - it's just too good! :P I've been meaning to try these for a while as I've been trying to cut down on my sugar intake. I definitely agree that it's harder to exercise in winter! So hard to drag your ass outside to brave the cold :( But it's so incredibly worth it if you do :D

  3. Hey Annie :)

    Congrats on the weight loss, I know exactly how you feel because I'm going through a healthy lifestyle shift myself :) It's so hard for me to lose weight, especially since every time I see good food or a new restaurant open, I'm just like "I'm dying to review that place!". And I have a hugeeee sweet tooth :)

    I've pretty much approached weight loss at a wrong angle (ie just doing diets for the sake of losing weight for a certain event, and then eating my way back up afterwards). But this year I've been incorporating daily exercise, healthy meal options and heaps of water, and I've lost a bit of weight and am still going :)

    I find at times that although the food I'm eating is great and it's all for losing weight and feeling good, there's always a sugar craving (and thank god for Chobani yoghurt for fixing that for me every morning), and yes chocolate is also a guilty pleasure of mine. I have admittedly been naughty throughout my diet and I've snacked on nestle milk chocolate melts quite a few times this year haha. I'm also a sucker for berries and any sour fruit out there :) So I'd definitely love to try the AntiOx bars because they would undoubtedly satisfy those cravings while not feeling guilty about it afterwards :) These snack bars are packed with so many awesome superfoods, I bet they taste as delicious as they sound :P

  4. I love the idea of a sweet treat that won't blow my weight loss goal and I love chocolate, it's like a match made in heaven.

    Cheers Sharon Fawcett

    email: sharon 7999 at yahoo dot com

  5. I'd love to try the new Anti0x snack bars and chocolate as I love the practical healthy idea it is promoting, anti-oxidents + chocolate + healthy, this is my ideal dream of how a chocolate bar should be providing me anti-oxidents whilst hitting my sweet spot at the same time. I know it would be true love at first taste with these mouth-watering buggers!



  6. i'd love to try because i like to indulge in chocolate from time to time but i feel so guilty after and i'm feeling like it's adding to the waist line. i'm curious to see how they taste and if they stack up to the chocolate bars in terms of flavour.

  7. You look incredible my friend, can't imagine how much effort you put in - inspirational!
    I want to try this chocolate as like you, I am very addicted and have a lot of weight issues. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I feel like I am at a loss as to how I should enjoy myself without ruining hard work :)
    You give me that option!


  8. I'd love to try Anti0x snack bars as it seems like a great way to justify (to myself) my obsession w chocolate = even more reason to eat it!


  9. Hi Annie!
    Your transformation is amazing and truly inspirational :)
    I'd love to try the AntiOx chocolate because I suffer from chocaddiction. The most noticeable symptoms are: intense saliva production each and every time I see a chocolatier, and a stomach that - at the view of cocoa - screams "chocolate" even if it had food not so long ago! The only cure for this is to eat chocolate... As such AntiOx chocolate would be the perfect solution to chocaddiction ;)

    Olivia at gmail dot com


    1. LMFAOOOO i have a feeling i know who this is XP

  11. Whoa good job on the weight loss! You've done so well :) Wish I had the same motivation you do!

    Would love to try these snackbars and chocs to kickstart my journey to weightloss like you :)

  12. great work on the weight loss, you look amazing!

    I would love to try these chocolate since these sound easier on my tummy, as some sugars/items in chocolate are not so friendly!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.