Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mary's, Newtown

This winter, there have been a few eateries that have been garnering loads of hype on the bloggersphere. You know which restaurants they are. Mary's is one of those hyped up dining joints that have been on the radar of foodies and hipsters across Sydney. Named after the street location of the eatery, it has certainly got my attention before it opened when I heard that they serve American cuisine. I got even more interested when I heard that they serve fried chicken. Of course I got to plan the perfect time for a cheat day because this is definitely not healthy stuff.

There's a few things we've noticed when we were inside the restaurant. Firstly, it was incredibly noisy and busy for a Tuesday night. CC and I spent half of our time here screaming at each other. Secondly, it definitely has that hipster vibe that you will get at places like the cafes and small bars around Surry Hills and Newtown. Great for us but not so great if you're not a fan of those kind of places. And thirdly, like most bars and restaurants around Sydney these days, the entire place was dark so we had trouble taking proper pics (yes guys I do need an SLR camera). One thing we loved was the friendly and attention service when we were there. Smiles all round despite an incredibly busy and crowded atmosphere. The entire menu which is listed on a blackboard is so small that you could easily order everything off the menu in one night if you can handle it (or bring a couple more mates). 

It was just a Tuesday night and we had work the next day so we went with the non-alcoholic lemon lime bitters. They do have an incredibly generous selection of alcoholic drinks for you to enjoy if you want to have a wild night out including the local favourite Young Henry's beer (something for my alco readers hehe). Just one thing to note: whether you want to get food or drinks, you need to order at the bar. Brace yourself for queues.

Lemon lime bitters

ERMAGHERDDDD FRIIIEEEDDDD CHICKENNNNNN!!! So freaking crispy and crunchy! And the chicken was tender and moist. None of that dry stuff. Since we also ordered burgers, we decided to get the half-bird to share which was about 5 pieces. You can also order a Whole Bird of fried chicken for $28 or a Larry Bird (the equivalent for two whole chickens) for $50! Anyway I seriously cannot get over how crunchy the coating on this chicken really was! With the added paprika, it delivered a touch of spiciness to dish. I think Hartsyard might have a little competition on their hands in terms of deliciously crunchy Southern Fried Chicken.

Fried Chicken - Half bird ($16.00)

We weren't sure whether to order the mash and gravy but we were glad that we did in the end. The creamy and buttery mash makes the fried chicken taste even more amazing with the added flavour and texture that works perfectly together. We also enjoyed dipping our fries into the mash and gravy. Got addicted to it by the end even though we were getting pretty full.

Mash and Gravy ($5.00)

Of course we were here for the famed burgers that so many have declared "the best burgers in Sydney!". But is it? On this occasion, I went with the cheeseburger which came with a generous handful of fries. I liked how glossy the bun looked and how soft it tasted. It was also slightly sweet but not to the point that it takes over the overall flavour. The thin patty combined with the melted cheese, zesty mustard and the tangy secret sauce resulted in an incredibly juicy and burger. We couldn't help but think that the burger reminded us of the burger from Maccas down to the size of the burger but more juicy with a softer bun. The same goes with the French fries though it was crisp and addictive when dipped in mash and gravy.

Cheeseburger ($14.00)

CC decided to go with Mary's burger which looks almost exactly like the cheeseburger but with lettuce and tomato. Again it reminded us of Maccas with the size of the burger though it tasted plump, tender and juicy when I had a bite of it. Will definitely try this out next time.

Mary's burger ($14.00)

If you are vegetarian, you can also get the 'shroom burger' ($12.00) which is similar to a cheeseburger except with a field mushroom patty instead of a beef patty. Will check this out on a later date for the vegetarian readers :).

While they look like Maccas' burgers, it was the taste that makes Mary's burgers a notch above them. There was a cool, social and down to earth vibe which was perfect to hang with a few mates for dinner and drinks. For the size of the burgers, the prices are quite steep. The cheeseburger is the same price as the Mary's burger but the former has less fillings than the latter. While I wouldn't immediately declare the burgers as the best in Sydney, they are still delicious comfort food and I will be making more visits there especially for the fried chicken.

Tabasco sauce and salt in mini JD bottles ...seriously!

6 Mary Street, Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 4995 9550
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  1. Yeah Mary's is so incredibly dark! Makes it hard to take good pics. I love their fried chicken! So crispy and tasty. And the shroom burger is definitely worth trying. Very delicious!

  2. Man I've heard good stuff about the fried chicen and gravy! I love Hartsyard's fried chicken, so I'm keen to try out Mary's version!

  3. Love their fried chicken but the mashed potato is a scene stealer, especially if you dunk your fries in it!

  4. oh man that mash & gravy! i need it i want ittttt!

  5. Big fan of mary's! Closest thing to in-n-out burgers I'll be getting in sydney! Mash and gravy is to die for!

  6. I want the JD bottles for my tabasco & salt :)

  7. Craving their mash and gravy, we must go back again! X


  8. You should try their shroom burger! IT IS SO GOOD.