Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Palomino Espresso, Sydney CBD

To be honest, I'm always intrigued at the number of bars and cafes located on York Street. With eateries like Stitch Bar, Loaf and Devotion, Ipoh on York, Uncle Ming's, Mojo Record Bar and Palomino Espresso located on the same street within minutes of each other, the world is really your oyster when it comes to a lunch or dinner outings in that vicinity. When it comes to a quick but filling lunch, I've been making regular trips to Palomino Espresso for their decent selection of lunch options that won't break your budget. 

From the look of the cafe, you can imagine it to be something you would see in Surry Hills or Newtown rather than your average CBD cafe with the cute decor, down-to-earth staff and freshly baked delights. The vibe is incredibly busy especially at peak hour lunch but the turnover time to order and get your food is actually very quick unless you purchase something that is made to order. It's pretty hard to get a dine here due to its small space so it's easier to get takeaway if you are having a very short lunch break. The lunch selection is also generous from sandwiches to salads to even a few pies that are only available on certain days.

I've ordered the Reuben sandwich a couple of times from this cafe with different experiences. The first time, I got it takeaway to bring back to the office due to a busy day. When I took a bite of this sandwich, I was in heaven! Balanced ingredients and flavours with decent slices of leg ham and lightly toasted rye bread. The melted swiss cheese didn't have a strong taste though it was stringy which was what I loved in cheeses hehe. It was so good that I was keen on ordering it again on my next visit.

Reuben sandwich w/leg ham, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, ($7.50)

On my next visit, I had more time on my hands so I opted to dine in even though it was packed inside the cafe. While it was delicious, there was noticeably an overwhelming amount of sauerkraut which overpowered the sandwich and not as much ham compared to my earlier visit. Despite that, I still enjoyed this meal and would like to order it again and again. Whether you dine-in or takeaway, this will only set you back at $7.50 which is pretty damn cheap for a cafe in Sydney these days.

Very pleased with the coffee from Palomino Espresso. It uses Morgan's Handmade Coffee beans which delivers a smooth, creamy texture and a slightly strong coffee taste that gives you a kick when work is tiring you out. Didn't get to order it when I was dining at the restaurant since I was already overloaded with coffee that day but I did have a peek at the coffee art presented to the diners during these visits.

Skim Mocha - Small ($3.50)

Recently I made another trip to try something different. I was craving for something beefy and the roast beef sandwich caught my attention immediately. While it was more expensive than nearly everything on the menu and it took much longer to make since it was made to order, it was worth the experience. The picture below does not do this sandwich any justice. It is a massive sandwich to each. It was sweet, tangy and incredibly messy to eat with generous portions of fillings between the bread slices. Probably good to share with a friend or a co-worker who happened to be staring at your sandwich for a few minutes.

Roast beef sandwich w/ caramelised onion, tomato, rocket and aioli ($13.00)

Since making the trip to York Street, this place has been one of my new fave cafes for a quick cheap lunch these days. Great place to check out. Very different to many other cafes you see around the city with its buzzing vibe as well as niche and interesting decorations. Service was good from past experience and the food has been delicious. Need to make more visits to try out the baked goods (especially that brownie) on the stands near the counter in addition to those healthy and seemingly delicious salads. If only the brekkie menu was available all day and this cafe was much closer to work.

Palomino Espresso

Shop 1/61 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000 (near Wynyard Station)
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  1. ive heard raving reviews about this place, too bad i never have time to head over there when they r open!

  2. The reuben sandwich looks awesome with the melty cheese!

  3. The roast beef sandwich does look massive!

  4. mmm roast beef sandwich! you got me craving for one real bad now

  5. Oh that roast beef sandwich looks good, and if you said the photo does no justice then OMG !! haha!!

    - Cassie

  6. OMG Annie! The coffee cups are totes adorbs! ^^


  7. $7.50 is amazing value for a reuben sandwich. You can easily pay twice that in the CBD. I haven't heard of this place until now so thanks for posting :)

  8. Oh my! That roast beef sandwich looks sooooo good!