Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 recap. Wait it's the end of the year already?!

What the hell? It feels like yesterday when I did my end of year recap of 2012! I did not expect the year to fly by so fast nor did I expect the year to turn out the way it is. As of later September 2013, The Random Foodie has hit the Terrible Two's. There has been a few layout changes and maybe even a few more coming soon. Hope the current layout is pleasing to the eye. I've also decided to increase the size of the photos. If you can think of better changes, please let me know :).

There have been so many foodie trends this year that it's crazy. One of which is fine dining chefs turning their heads to casual dining. They can be making burgers, serving ramen or opening up a new cafe. This is no surprise considering the many fine dining restaurant closures recently not to mention the overwhelming success of casual restaurants and small bars with the Drink n' Dine team opening numerous restaurant ventures in a single year with even more to come! I guess thanks to the success of brunches at Bills, and eventually at The Grounds and Reuben Hills has led to cafes opening up left, right and centre. Mexican food has also been a growing trend this year with many new restaurants, small bars and even a few cafes adding tacos on their menu. Not that I'm complaining ;). There has also been a crazy number of gourmet burgers joints popping up lately like Chur Burger, Mary's, Parlour Burgers etc. So delicious but I think my diet hates me for that. Cronuts were also a big hit but haven't really tried the ones at Zumbo yet.

There is also way too many froyo joints. Everywhere. Especially on George Street, Sydney near Town Hall and on King Street, Newtown. That is all. (Mooberry was lots of fun though. Thanks guys. And Yogurtland wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.)

Those who had been keeping up with my instagram page will know that I did went through a phase involving lots and LOTS of ramen especially during the winter. Haven't had ramen for a while thanks to the hot weather but cravings be damned.

Clockwise: Ippudo Sydney, Ichi-Ban Boshi, Tan-Tan Takeaway at Chifley Plaza, Hakata-Maru Ramen, Ramen Ikkyu

2013 was the year when I have been doing the ol' Monday to Friday 9 to 5 (well 6pm actually) that I have been doing constant lunches in the CBD. I have also achieved my new year's resolution of losing weight though thanks to Birthday celebrations, Christmas and recent work stress; I have been falling back into old habits slowly. As the saying goes, that's the life and dilemmas of a food blogger (sighs). Unlike last year, I did not get to travel this year however I did get the opportunity to go out of Sydney for a day trip to Thirroul near Wollongong for a lunch outing at Flanagan's Dining Room with lots of amazing bloggers.

Speaking of fellow bloggers, I've reunited and met up with so many wonderful people throughout this year. It was great getting to know most of you at food-related events, launches and at the Sydney Food Blogger Picnic this year. Many thanks to Suze from Chocolatesuze and Helen from Grab your Fork for organising a wonderful and delicious day as always! I'm still craving for Mr Crackles's pork crackling. Ermagherddd.

I also finally did a recipe post thanks to The Sweet Swap. Didn't expect it to go well but so far I've gotten positive feedback and even did more sweets (chocolate truffles) at the Sydney Food Blogger Picnic. Unfortunately the heat was too much for the truffles to handle but those who didn't get put off by the melting chocolate seemed to love it. Hoping to do even more recipe posts in 2014.

There is still more reviews coming up that will tantalise your taste buds (including a certain restaurant that serves delicious fried chicken). Hopefully there will be more local outings and brunch related posts in 2014 because there are way too many yummy new cafes popping up this year. Seriously I can't keep up any more and I love my weekend sleep-in. Thank you soooo much to everyone for your love and support on The Random Foodie this year. Thanks also to my foodie and non-foodie buddies for bearing with me taking a zillion photos while you are dying to eat your food. .

Feel free to check me out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest (I will try to use the latter as much as possible in the new year). 

Cheers to many more foodie memories and hopefully a bit of travelling in 2014! See you all next year! Don't get too smashed :p


  1. Happy new year, Annie! 2013 sounds like a delicious year for you, looking forward to 2014's delicious posts!

    1. happy new year to you too!!! here's to many more foodie moments hehe!

  2. happy new year and all the best for 2014!