Monday, November 3, 2014

Three Blue Ducks, Bronte

One restaurant that has been on our wish list for a very very long time has been Three Blue Ducks. I can still remember hearing about it the first time when it made pop-up appearances at various food festivals including Masterchef Live and Taste of Sydney. Also CC is a massive (and I mean MASSIVE) fan of co-owner and executive chef, Darren Robertson who also appeared in Masterchef and Recipes to Riches and formerly worked at Tetsuya's prior to opening Three Blue Ducks. Recently we ended up in the Bronte area for a day out walking to the beach so it was a perfect excuse to check out this cafe renowned for its commitment on delivering local, fresh and sustainable produce.

It was a Sunday so we had expectations that it would be busy considering the media hype and accolades including a one hat award by the SMH Good Food Guide Awards. However we were unlucky to show up at a time when the only table available for three people was outside...and it was horrendously windy and cold. Not long after we were seated at our table, we noticed people who came after us and got a table inside which was a bummer since we were getting cold from the wind. 

Jasmine Flower Green Tea ($4.50) 

I still wasn't feeling 100% at this point so sadly no mocha coffee for me. The waiter was very helpful in assisting with a few alternatives including their decent selection of organic tea by The Rabbit Hole. The Jasmine flower green tea had an aromatic and soothing flavour with a grainy texture later on after drinking most of the tea from the teapot.

Fresh Young Coconut ($7.00) 

CC was satisfied with the fresh young coconut juice though she did had to tackle her way through lots of coconut flesh. Looks like a mouthful to handle but CC said that it was incredibly delicious.

Flat White ($4.00)

While I didn't get to taste H's flat white, I was impressed by how beautiful the coffee art looked. Cannot get over how pretty it was. H said his flat white was alright but I am personally keen to come back to try the coffee. They use a rotating selection of coffee beans from Single Origin Roasters, which is always a good thing for me.

Squid ink fettuccine, spicy chorizo, cuttlefish, chilli, tomato and basil ($26.00) 

It took a while for us to get our food. One hour actually. While I understand that it would be very busy since it's the weekend but one hour for food can slowly drive you mad especially when you are sitting outside in the cold wind. Imagine our happiness when our three dishes finally reached our table. I really enjoyed the squid ink fettuccine especially the well-cooked pasta, the juicy chorizo and the tender, fresh cuttlefish. While it was slightly spicy from the chilli and chorizo ingredients, it was quite mild which was good for my health at the time and great for anyone who can't handle a lot of spicy food. My only minor qualm was the serving size of the pasta since it was a tad pricey at $26. However, it was filling enough to handle if you get full quite easily. 

Steamed mussels with herb, coconut sambal and chilli toast ($28.00)

CC decided to get the mussels based on the waiter's suggestion. When it arrived, we couldn't help but be in awe at the size and presentation of this plate. So much to take in but CC said it was bloody amazing! Plenty of succulent mussels to share around though there were a couple of empty shells as well. This also came with a creamy broth of coconut sambal and a side of crispy chilli toast which actually went really well with the mussels. The spicy flavours were also pretty light in this dish thanks to the use of cream for the coconut sambal.

Coffee and cumin brisket, Jerusalem artichoke, roasted kipfler potato, chimichurri, kale and fried eschallots ($29.00)  

I was also impressed with the look of H's brisket dish. Looks like a generous serving size but doable enough. The slow cooked brisket was fall-apart, tender goodness with lots of fatty parts and plenty of roasted potato to fill you up. Great comfort weather for those breezy Winter (or Spring/Summer pretending to be Winter) days.

In terms of the food and drinks, I was impressed by what we had tried on the day. They were all very delicious and the drinks got me satisfied for more, although the prices were on the expensive end. The wait for the food was a let down but CC noted that the service was quick on her last visit (also on a weekend). Hopefully this was a one-off since it was very busy. The overall atmosphere was quaint, relaxing and chilled (apart from the cold, wind gusts that day). Plus it was cool spotting the vegetable garden at the back end of the restaurant. Will make a return to try the other dishes on the menu including the ones that are only available on the breakfast and dinner menu. If only I didn't live so far in order to get to Bronte in time for the breakfast menu, which ends at 11:30am...

Three Blue Ducks
141-143 Macpherson Street, Bronte NSW 2024
(02) 9389 0010
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  1. This place is still on my wish list... the food looks delicious!

  2. One hour is a long time when you're hungry and cold, but glad the dishes were worth the wait!

  3. Shame about the service, but the food looks so delicious! I am sure it was a one off :D
    Love your photos!

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. I still haven't checked out Three Blue Ducks either. It's a shame that it took one hour to get your food but it all looked good especially your squid ink fettuccine

  5. Im planning on going tomorrow, hopefully the wait doesn't take as long but your dishes look yum!