Monday, November 21, 2011

Criniti's, Parramatta

There are menus that list their entrees, main meals and desserts on a single page. And then there's Criniti's. For those who haven't checked Criniti's in Parramatta, Darling Harbour or the new branch in Castle Hill, their menu boasts at seven pages with the menu items listed in fine print. And that is just the food menu!

Polpette della mamma

Due to my terrible indecisiveness, we had trouble choosing the entree dish. We agreed to share the polpette della mamma (meatballs with pomodoro sauce and melted mozzarella). The meat itself was soft and oozing with stringy mented mozzarella cheese. I always enjoy playing this game of stretching the cheese as far as it can. This is one of those moments. I seriously cannot get enough of stringy cheese!

Criniti special pizza - salami, mushroom, red onion, chilli, origano. basil and mozzarella

Famous for their 1 metre pizza, we thought it was good to try out the woodfired pizza there since previous visits have only involved pasta. Because there were only two of us, we ended up with the traditional size of eight slices. The problem in this case was choosing the topping. While the 1 metre pizza lets you choose three flavours, the traditional one is just one. With that many options, even three flavours would have been a tough decision. We ended up deciding on the Criniti special because we felt like getting one with a large number of toppings but slightly different from the average supreme-esque pizza flavours. Plus I'm a sucker for salami and basil.

Check out the crust!

The woodfired pizza was definitely an enjoyable experience. The crust was not only very thin and crispy, it was packed with flavour from the chilli spices to the sweetly aromatic basil. This flavour was different from several other thin and crispy crusts I've usually had which were a bit more plain.

The restaurant wasn't too packed on the night we went but it did get more busy by the time we left. While it may not be fancy, it is still recommended to check out when you want to have a night out with your mates. Would like to go back again to try out other pizza flavours as well as the pasta or possibly something different like some of their many entrees, meat, seafood and salad dishes. Not to mention attempting the infamous 1 metre pizza. Whew!

Criniti's Parramatta
291 Church Street, Parramatta NSW 2150
Contact no: 1300 274 648

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  1. ah we were going to go tonight but then it started raining and mum didn't feel like eating out. my fav thing is their bruschetta!