Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ms G's, Potts Point

On a warm Saturday, I was initially planning to have a quiet weekend especially since that weekend had trackwork on all lines past my station. Also, I was a bit hungover from a friend's party the night before. My friend and I were planning to go to Ms G's for weeks and was persuading me to go there that evening since she works nearby. Initially I didn't feel like going out but then my other mate wanted to meet up and he offered to drive to the nearest available Ms G's ended up happening. Let's dig in!

The first thing we saw when we went inside was the bar near the entrance. There was so many cocktails to choose from but only got one cos both of my friends were driving. I ended up getting a 'Good Morning Vietnam' cocktail which is presented in the infamous packaged bubble tea container. Very sweet and refreshing to drink throughout what ended up being a tasteful, flavoursome dining adventure.

Mini Banh Mi - crisp pork belly and chicken katsu

One thing I love at Ms G's is their mini banh mi rolls - which looks similar to a mini burger/slider. For me, I just cannot get enough of this. I picked both flavours while my mates chose the pork belly. This worked really well especially with the sauce. Plus the bun is soft and easy to chew along with the crunch of the meat. I know everyone loves the pork belly banh mi but I also love the chicken katsu and don't understand why this is not mentioned as much. I love its crispiness and crumbly texture which matches well with the sauce to deliver a burst of flavours. The pork belly is also very nice and tender but the chicken katsu deserves a bit of love too (hence my indecisiveness and having both flavours)! Although my friends liked it they were disappointed that a small serving of this is more expensive than a decent sized pork roll from Cabramatta. For me, I would actually prefer this over the Cabra pork rolls if only these servings were bigger (was feeling a bit down when I finished both servings). But I guess you got to something distinguish yourself from the crowd.

Prawn toast, yuzu aioli and herbs

Best prawn toast I've ever had! The yuzu aioli was sooo delish along with the herbs. The outer texture was crispy yet the inside filling of prawn mince was very juicy yet firm. The sourdough bread was sooo crunchy that it was hard to cut through but it didn't matter. The sauce and herbs (comprising of coriander and mint) and the overall texture makes this prawn toast stand out above the others as it was not soggy like others I have tasted previously. Also I haven't tasted the yuzu aioli for any other dish before - it was delicately creamy and minty from the herbs mixed on the top of the prawn toast.

Jow's Sweet and Sour Lamb Ribs

We all shared this dish. You know that this is good stuff when the saucy meat falls off the bone. And what an amazing sauce that was! It was so good that you had to lick the sauce off the bone and the meat. While it was decent portions, we wished that there were more ribs served. However we wanted to save our bellies for the infamous desserts.

Stoner's Delight - doughnut ice cream, chocolate, rice bubble, pretzel, peanut brittle, marshmallow

After all the previous dishes, we still weren't too full yet so we decided to order a few desserts. My friend tried the "Stoner's Delight" (we liked the name). The presentation and components of the dish was a mouthful of sugary goodness. Literally. It was sweetness overdose for us yet so indulgent. It is easy to see why this is called the "Stoner's Delight" because we were completely numb out of our minds from the flavours.

Pandan Chiffon cake, strawberries, coconut sorbet

I was looking forward to trying out this dish the most. It was also the most unusual as it was laid on a bed of tapioca pearls. It was also pretty warm when presented. This dish is definitely worth trying just to try out a variety of flavours and ingredients that you may not be familiar with. It wasn't as sweet as the previous dish (but still sweet enough) so it was a nice balance.

Ms G's is definitely worth the hype. It is one of those restaurants that you keep wanting to go back just to try more dishes. I still have not tried the steak tartare or the grilled corn! According to the latest menu, Ms G's has updated their Stoner's Delight which should be very intriguing to those familiar with their previous installment. In the end it was a memorable evening for us, particularly when my friend keeps staring at the bar wanting a cocktail and eyeing the bartender making them.

Ms G's
155 Victoria Street, Potts Point
Contact no: 02 9240 3000

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