Friday, November 18, 2011

Mamak, Haymarket

There are such restaurants that are notorious for their lengthy queues. Such examples are Chat Thai in Haymarket, the new Jamie's Italian and of course, Mamak. With the exception of non-peak hours, Mamak is one of those places that always have a very long line of hungry diners waiting outside the restaurant even on a Monday. So the fact that a friend and I decided out of nowhere to go here on a Saturday evening means that the wait will be busier and much longer - but it is worth the wait!

Roti bawang - roti with red onions

Renowned for their rotis - both savoury and sweet, Mamak's menu has an extensive variety of rotis flavours to choose from. From the original roti canai to the sweetly tall roti tisu, there was so much for us to choose from. This occasion, we both decided to have the roti bawang because my friend likes anything with onions and I wanted to try something different - having tried roti canal and roti telur (egg) previously. This roti tasted sensational with lashings of red onion laced through the light roti pastry. As usual, it was served with two curry dips and a spicy sambal sauce - all three of them with varying levels of spiciness.

Nasi lemak with curry chicken

Both my friend and I ordered the nasi lemak. My friend had the one with curry chicken while I ordered the fried chicken. This dish includes a decent portion of coconut rice, peanuts, crispy anchovies, a hard boiled egg, cucumber and of course the spicy sambal sauce on the side. My friend seemed to enjoy the curry chicken. I've tried a piece and the chicken tasted so nice with the sweet and slightly spicy curry.

Nasi Lemak with fried chicken

I haven't tried the fried chicken at Mamak and have heard quite a bit about this. I also ordered a side of curry to blend it with the coconut rice. The meat was insatiably crispy, juicy, and massive! This was a pretty large piece of chicken to finish but I've managed to eat it up along with the rest of the dish. In the end we were both stuffed so we didn't end up trying the sweet rotis. I guess there's always next time.

The service here is absolutely friendly. Always a good time with them everytime I've been here. Although the wait can be irritating especially after 30 minutes, this restaurant is worth the time especially with their well priced menu, good customer service and deliciously authentic Malaysian street food.

15 Goulburn Street, Haymarket
Contact no: 02 9211 1668

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  1. Excellent post on Mamak! It makes me hungry.

    I've been there twice before and there's always a line -.-

  2. Hey Annie. You really bring MAMAK to life. When you describe the food, the place and the vibe it feels like I am actually there. You should become a food critic. You are a VERY talented writer!!! Love, Ivan xo

  3. I'm still perplexed as to why this place is so popular; it's good but not that good!