Thursday, February 9, 2012

Madame Nhu: Vietnamese, Sydney CBD

Named after the First Lady of Vietnam, Madame Nhu is a quaint little restaurant located inside the sparkling new food court in the middle of the busy Galeries Victoria. It is run under the same team as the owners of Xage Vietnamese in Surry Hills. The interior of the Galeries Victoria food court has a dark lit, fancy vibe making it alot nicer to sit around than before with its plain white background.

Nuoc cham

Looking at the menu, the prices are decent just like your Cabramatta/Bankstown/Marrickville Vietnamese feed ranging between $7.5o and $10.50. However, the menu had a few interesting tweaks which shows that it's not your average Vietnamese restaurant. They served not only Beef and Chicken variants of Pho, there are also a vegetarian version and a prawn Pho. Also the meat here is sourced from Tasmanian grass fed beef. Interesting stuff. It was a hot day so I did not go for pho but went for the nem nuong and goi cuon (fresh rolls).

Combination fresh rolls

Indecisive of the flavours, I went for the combination fresh rolls (beef, pork, tofu). All three flavours tasted wonderful! I was surprised at how much I liked the tofu as it blended well with the remaining ingredients. They all matched well with the nuoc cham making them even more flavoursome. A must try!

Nem Nuong skewers

I am used to nem nuong skewers (pork skewer sticks) being thin strips of pork meat on a skewer. There were numerous of these at the Tet Festival in Fairfield late last month as well. Of course, nem nuong can come in many different sizes such as the ones that Madame Nhu serves. The pork patties were chunkier and more moist than the ones that I was used to trying at home. I thought the vast amount of salad served in a bowl with the nem nuong was a bit too much to handle but was good enough to cool down the flavours. By this point I was getting so full so I did not manage to eat the whole salad.

This is one of the better restaurants I have tasted in the Sydney CBD. I have yet to try the pho but based on what I did try so far, I am pretty keen to come back. The service was good and quick and the prices are affordable especially since the servings are big. If you feel like Vietnamese food, your lunch break is an hour or less and your workplace is too far from Vietnamese restaurants such as Pho Pasteur and Gia Hoi in Haymarket, check this place out when you get the chance.

Madame Nhu
Shop 5, Lower Ground, The Galeries
500 George Street, Sydney

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