Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thai-Namic, Canley Vale

Catching up with an old uni and work friend and a couple of her friends, we both thought that it was a perfect opportunity to check out Thai-namic at Canley Vale. I have already mentioned previously how Canley Heights is now considered as the new hotspot for late night restaurant feed and cafe hangouts and Canley Vale nearby is no different with their own share of eateries and cafes. It is also frequently compared to Canley Heights' Holy Basil which we have mentioned throughout this dinner.

The interior design has a modern, dark interior design combined with decor reminiscent of the Thai culture including sculptures and cutlery as well as comfortable seating. This made it more appealing for the hungry passerby to go inside the restaurant. It was tough choosing what we want to get because there were so many. We ended ordering several shared plates and a couple of curry dishes. And there's still desserts - which my friend recommended for us to try.
Papaya salad - Laotian style

I think we ordered this version instead of the Thai version of papaya sald because my friends said that they liked it better. I did not mind because the menu said that the Laotian version has crab meat. This was spicier than we all expected and I did not find much crab meat. It was very good to have after an epic dinner though and polished it off eventually.

Satay chicken skewers

Since having these at Satang Thai back in my university days, I always enjoy a good satay chicken whenever I go to a Thai restaurant. This ended up being one of my favourite dishes
of the night with its creamy and slightly spicy satay sauce. And the chicken is tender and well cooked. I could not get enough of this but we still have more to get through.

Ox tongue

Funny enough, I have never tried ox tongue - but I've tried veals tongue before and I loved that. Thai-namic's version was marinated and grilled in some kind of secret sauce. I definitely enjoyed this dish but I would recommend to eat this while it is still hot or warm. After a while when it is cooled down, the taste was not as great. This is served with tamarind, garlic and chilli sauce and a small salad on the side. The sauce is a good addition to this dish as it made the tongue taste nicer when it cools down.

We have also ordered the salt and pepper squid which ended up being an absolute delight. The batter is crispy right through which stands out from the other versions. Compared to the other salt and pepper squids, this version was less salty which I enjoyed. It is also a massive serving for all of us to finish so we struggled to finish this plate. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of this. But I can tell you that the presentation looked lovely (will try to get a photo of this really looks that good!)

Red duck curry

We all thought this was a lot spicier than we expected but the duck was very delicious. This tasted better when mixed with rice as it soothed down the spices.

Beef massaman curry

This was suitably milder than the duck red curry which gave our tastebuds a relief. The beef was wonderfully cooked with cashew nuts, tamarind and potatoes. The beef literally melts in your mouth and soon it was all gone!

Pandan creme brulee

After all that, we all gave each other a break from eating so we can handle the desserts. My friend said that we should try the pandan creme brulee but several of us were keen on the fried ice cream just to see if it is as good as Holy Basil. I ordered the pandan creme brulee even though I have never tried it before. And seriouesly where have I been? The creme brulee was absolutely heavenly! It was sweet, slightly creamy and the flavours and textures just complemented the experience. Originally we were planning to share it but I ended up eating most of it. Seriously a must try dish here!

Passionfruit creme brulee

I did not get to try this but my friends said it was good but not as great as the pandan creme brulee. Both versions are served with berries and a scoop of vanilla (I think?) ice cream on the side.

Fried ice cream

I had a small bite as I was absolutely stuffed. It looked very similar to Holy Basil's fried ice cream. It tasted pretty creamy with a bit of crunch. My friends thought that both versions of fried ice cream are good and it ended up being a bit tricky to compare since we all enjoyed it.

Whenever you come by the Canley Vale but you don't feel like waiting in lengthy queues outside Holy Basil or trekking to Canley Heights, give Thai-Namic a go. It was a bit quiet when I was there mainly because of the wet weather that night but it ended up making the time more relaxing. While the service was pretty average, the food was presented quite beautifully and the taste is just as sensational. However I would not recommend this to those who cannot handle their spices at all as a good amount of dishes we had consists of chillies. The prices are pretty affordable and the servings are quite decent. Try to save your stomach for dessert because they are really that good!

Shop 4&5, 47-49 Canley Vale Road,
Canley Vale NSW 2166
Contact no: (02) 9727 7798

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