Monday, December 1, 2014

Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe, Sydney CBD

Located within 5 minutes from Bavarian Bier York Street and only a couple of blocks from The Lobo Plantation, Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe is not your average beer cafe. It didn't have the German beer garden gimmick that your would expect from Lowenbrau and Bavarian Bier Cafe, but it remains a favourite for those who know and love their beer especially with food pairings. It's funny that less than 2 months ago, I have never even heard of this joint until KT suggested this when we were too indecisive on where to go for dinner.


Considering the amount of drinks we've had that night, I forgot to note down the exact beers we've got that evening. Heh. The Marzen Lager beer that KT ordered was dark, intensely flavoured and slightly bitter. KT seemed to enjoy this alot since he ordered another (smaller) glass after this. My pick was one of the fruitier Bloody Wit which did have a citrus-like flavour that is light and easier to drink up compared to the rich, malty beers.

Charcuterie ($25.00)

We decided to get a charcuterie plate to share as an entree. Our platter consisted of cured meats (including salami, prosciutto and pastrami), olives, assorted veggies, whipped feta, pickles and bread though from looking at the current menu, this changes on a regular basis. We both enjoyed the platter especially the cured meats to the point where we nearly fought on who gets the last prosciutto and the last salami (I got the salami).

Lamb Brioche Burger with Chips ($25.00)

With all the cheap burger joints opening up around Sydney these days, we were stunned to see that this burger was $25...I mean it includes chips too but still. KT likes lamb so ended up going for this option. The burger itself was juicy with a pinkish colour in the middle and the rest of the compents matched well. I didn't get to try the burger but got my hands on the chips which were a winner for me. Thick, crispy and fluffy.

Barramundi Fillet ($32.00)

I decided to go for the slightly healthier seafood option. The Barramundi had that delicate crispy skin and the fillet was well cooked for my liking. The bisque had a rich and slightly creamy flavour but it worked well altogether. I did like how the menu shows which beers matched well with certain dishes such as the Summer Lager being an ideal pairing with this dish.

Since we had the charcuterie, the two main dishes and a few beers, it was no surprise that we got full quickly. While it didn't seem busy on a Thursday night, it still had that noisy vibe that you would expect at a usual Sydney CBD bar on a Friday night. Dishes were decent servings though it's a lot more expensive than we expected. It's ideal if you would like to have after work drinks or a birthday/special occasion gathering. Especially if you love your beer.

Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe
201 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9262 3303
Mon-Sat: 11:00am - late
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  1. It has been SO long since I visited there, I had almost forgotten it was around! So many places close down but it's good to see a place that has been around for a while.

  2. It must be charcuterie season or something because that looks so delicious to eat!

  3. Dear Annie,

    The charcuterie looks enticing. There is little cooking skill and more creativity in coming up with an awesome combination of meats and cheese.

  4. The barra sounds great. Always a win when there's crispy skin!

  5. I really like the charcuterie plate choice, sounds like a great night :D

    Choc Chip Uru

    P.S. I am running an Australia wide giveaway and would love for you to enter :)