Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Smash Sausage Kitchen, Newtown

At this time, I probably should be doing a recap but 2014 has been a pretty average year for me to be honest. In terms of food blogging, it has been really awesome on the other hand especially with meeting more cool foodies and exploring new restaurants. So let's end the year with hearty comfort food...like sausages! 

Recently a friend invited me to check out one of her fave joints located on the quieter end of King Street, Newtown. While you don't hear this as much in social media, it has a solid following in the local community especially from the circle of friends who were with me that night. The decor may not be the fanciest (lots of really cool pop art though) but it definitely has the heart and soul when it comes to serving their good ol' fashioned snags. 

Bulmers Apple Cider ($7.50)

There was so many of us so it was hard to cover what everyone got. So this post will mainly focus on what I sampled on this visit. Went with the Bulmers Apple Cider, which was very sweet and rich but also a great way to cool down on a hot day with hot food.

Willie The Boatman Foo Brew Long Necks ($14.00)

Since it was a sausage joint, we couldn't help but laugh when we saw a drink called "Willie". While it looked dark and rich, the flavour was actually lighter than I expected. Quite easy to drink compared to the cider. Would order this drink if it wasn't that pricey. 

Sausages (2), Creamy Potato, Bacon and Leek Mash and Mushroom Gravy ($18.50)

The signature concept of Smash Sausage Kitchen is that you get to build your own sausage, mash and sauce to whatever way you like. First you choose your sausage/s then you choose your mash (or chips, garden salad or veggies if you don't like mash) then sauce, gravy or chutney to have on the side. For $2 extra, you also get the choice to add toppings to your snags whether it's grated cheddar or crispy bacon Parmesan crisps. My mash pick was the creamy potato, bacon and leek which was very tasty and not lumpy at all. The mushroom gravy has a smooth but not too creamy texture which made it ideal for pouring it over the sausages or the mash...or even something you could dip your sausage into...ahem.

Old English Pork sausage

There's a generous range of sausages to choose from including Smokey Bacon, Pork and Maple; Vegetarian sausage; and Lamb Mint and Rosemary to name a few. I decided on two flavours which were the Old English Pork and the Smokey Beef Texan. Both sausages were juicy, flavoursome, firm but not too hard nor was it too soft. While they were both delicious, I personally preferred the Smokey Beef Texan because of it's mild spices that gives it a good flavour boost. Bonus points for all sausages being gluten free! Extra bonus points for the size of those...erm yeah.

Smokey Beef Texan

Sausages, gravy and mash topped with cheese

Honey roasted carrots ($8.00)

We also got a bowl of honey roasted carrots to share between everyone on the table. Loved the not-too-sweet flavour as well as the stickiness that adds to the firm texture of the carrots. 

Lime creme brulee (special menu)

Initially I was planning to get one of the puddings but I was so keen to try the creme brulee when I spotted it on the special menu. Unfortunately this ended up being a let down because the custard way too soft and liquid-like when I tried it out. The saving grace was that the brulee topping was hard, which was how I preferred. 

Flourless Chocolate Cake with gooey chocolate sauce and cream ($9.50)

Only took a bite of this but I could sense the decadence and richness from the chocolate in this dessert. The cream will certainly be a good match to complement the intense flavour from the chocolate. Since I love chocolate, will definitely order this on a future visit

Sticky Date Pudding with salted macademias, hot butterscotch sauce and ice cream ($9.50)

Only had a sample of this as well but I really enjoyed this dessert. Warm, sticky and sweet; this dish was certainly my idea of comfort food on those cooler days. If it didn't belong to someone else, I would have certainly grabbed much more than a sample. 

Apart from the dessert I've had, I was pleased with the food I've tried at Smash Sausage Kitchen. There's so many different types of sausages to choose from plus the sausages were generous servings so you get full without worrying about spending too much on your budget. Will definitely return to try more different juicy and hearty sausages, mashes especially during the cooler weather .

So here we are at the end of 2014. I've had lots of awesome foodie adventures this year whether it's at a foodie catch up outing, the occasional travel or discovering new restaurants, bars and food-related products. Thank you to everyone who has checked out The Random Foodie this year. Cheers to even more foodie memories in 2015!

Smash Sausage Kitchen
512 King Street, Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9516 5424
Mon-Thurs: 5:30pm - 9:30pm
Fri-Sat: 5:00pm - 10:00pm
Sun: 5:00pm - 9:30pm
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  1. happy new year! here's to an even more delicious 2015!

  2. Haven't been there in ages... thanks for reminding me to get my (gluten-free!) snag fix soon. Happy new year!

  3. Best place in Newtown to eat gourmet sausages. Their salmon fish cakes are out of this world.

  4. happy new year! can't go wrong with some good sausages & mash!

  5. Happy New Year Annie! Hope that 2015 is even bigger and better!

  6. Hehe I love the fit out of this place and who doesn't like a good sausage? Happy new year Annie!

  7. Happy New Year Annie!
    Here's to a better and over average 2015!!

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    Happy New Year Annie!

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