Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Petaling Street Malaysian Hawker Food, Haymarket

Once the location of a Vietnamese restaurant, Petaling Street Malaysian Hawker Food has created a solid following since it opened in 2012. Centrally located in the Haymarket/Chinatown side of George Street, it has a wide range of traditional Malaysian dishes with generous servings and decent prices for the hungry masses. As of 2014, this restaurant has opened three additional branches including Kingsford, Bonnyrigg and a take-away sister restaurant 'Petaling Express' at Strathfield.

Ice Milo Dinosaur ($4.80)

While it looked small from the outside, there's actually two levels to this restaurant with more seating downstairs. The buzz was very social especially during peak hours. Mostly students and anyone looking for a cheap eat. Very casual vibe. We ordered a few drinks to start off. My pick was Petaling's version of the Milo Dinosaur. The taste was a bit more milky than the PappaRich version but it went down well smoothly. Loved how it was served in a good old fashioned milkshake glass.

Roti Canai with Beef Rendang ($11.80)

Although the roti canai with beef rendang was intended to be AC's main dish, we couldn't help getting a sample of the roti pastry. It wasn't as thin and silky like Mamak's but I still liked the crispy, flaky bite that this has. Tasted even better when dipped into the spicy beef curry. 

Quarter of Hainan Chicken ($7.80)

Didn't try much of this but it seemed to be well-cooked, tender and warm from what I could recall. Enjoyed dipping it with the sauces on the side. The other peeps seemed to really enjoy this. 

Petaling Street Claypot Short Rice Noodle ($11.80)

Been looking forward to trying the Petaling Street Claypot Short Rice Noodle after seeing its presence in a few blogs. The noodles were quite chewy and the dish itself was too greasy and oily for my personal liking. However, it was still a delicious dish especially with the amount of minced pork and mushrooms. The serving size was on the heavier end so I didn't manage to finish this but I could see this dish to be suitable to share between two people.

Marmite Pork Spare Ribs with Rice ($11.80)

The dish that we enjoyed the most was the Marmite pork spare ribs. It was crispy and sticky on the outside but so juicy on the inside. Quite sweet with lots of flavour to our liking. Definitely would try this again on a future visit.

Roti Kaya ($6.80) 

Roti Pisang ($6.80)

While the above two sweet roti plates looked very similar, they each have different fillings. We all ordered a Roti Kaya (coconut jam) and a Roti Pisang (banana bread) to share between the four of us. Both of these plates were served with condensed milk on the side. While both fillings were sweet, rich and buttery, my preference was the Roti Pisang because of the banana filling. 

With the generous serving sizes, cheap prices and quick service; I was satisfied by my experience trying more Malaysian hawker dishes. There was a wide range of dishes to pick here that I wouldn't spot at many other Malaysian restaurants. Will definitely make a further visit to try a few more of their specialty dishes including the Hawker style dry egg noodle with roast chicken or one of their laksa bowls. Would recommend this place to go with friends or even family looking for a cheap and cheerful joint without the fuss.   

Petaling Street Malaysian Hawker Food
760 George Street, Haymarket NSW 2000
(02) 9280 1006
Mon-Sun: 11am - late
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  1. Sweet roti is one of my addictions, I absolutely adore them :D
    Wouldn't mind trying this place!

    Happy Holidays
    Choc Chip Uru

  2. I love sweet dessert-style roti, esp with condensed milk. This reminds me much of Malaysia!

  3. I've tried Petaling Street near UNSW which was AMAZING! I really like the idea of an ice Milo dinosaur! Anything with Milo sounds delicious! <3

  4. It's been a while since I went to Petaling Street. Looks like it's up for visitng. Would like to try their roti canai. :)

  5. The rotai canai and redang is disgusting. All you are dipping into is oil. I felt so sick after eating it. 90% oil.

  6. oil oil oil, on nom noms